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Russell Ozawa

Litigation, Wills & Probate, Trusts, Corporate

Prior to becoming an associate at David Lee Rice, APLC, Russell Ozawa was a law clerk at David Lee Rice, APLC and a summer law clerk at Akay Sull LLP ... (more)

"Extremely knowledgable and hardworking! I couldn't recommend these wonderful, caring professionals more!"

  1 year ago     Jeffrey Sheldon

"Nightmare!!! beware before you hire this firm! Billing and running up hours is their first priority at this firm not the client's interest. I was referred to this firm by my accountant. under pressure by deadlines,I agreed to a free consultation! a 15 minutes in to our consultation Rice told me he knows exactly what to do and he assured me i have nothing to worry about. well that was not the case! he would not start on my case until the retainer was paid in full and check had cleared his bank! then a junior attorney was assigned to my case(whom i never met personally). i was told that she will be reporting to Mr. rice directly and that he will be monitoring my case. so then the billing for emails and phone calls started at the speed of light! when i went there for the second time to make a payment for the retainer, I ran in to Mr ice in the hallways, he told me he is vigorously working on my case, few days later when i questioned the junior attorney, she told me Mr rice has not started on my case! i should have known better then! thousand of dollars later! Mr. rice asked me a question about the case which made me realize he has no idea what is going on with my case. i decided to go for a second opinion and after searching for another attorney i met an attorney who took 4 hours with a junior attorney present going over my case. don't make the mistake i made."

  3 years ago     David Aynehchi

The Law Office of David Lee Rice, APLC
2780 Skypark Drive
Torrance, CA 90505


2780 Skypark Drive
Torrance, CA 90505

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