The Law Offices Of Pamela Williams Kelly


The Law Offices Of Pamela Williams Kelly

Divorce & Family Law, Immigration, Entertainment, Wills, Veterans' Affairs

  • Firm Year: 2010
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Pamela Williams Kelly

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Divorce & Family Law, Immigration, Entertainment, Wills & Probate, Child Support
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PWK Law (aka The Law Offices of Pamela Williams Kelly) was created to help people. Behind every business…at every dinner table…in every culture…... (more)

PWK Law (aka The Law Offices of Pamela Williams Kelly) was created to help people. Behind every business…at every dinner table…in every culture…the foundation begins with people. And when life is off center….when it is painful…when it causes stress…decisions have to be made. It is very easy to wait until tomorrow to take the step that will push you forward into a new way of living. But today is that day if you make the choice to invest in you. And that is where PWK Law comes in!

PWK Law is a law firm that has a broad range of legal knowledge and skill. But its focus is in four main areas of the law: Family, Immigration, Entertainment and Veterans. While different, these four areas of the law also overlap in many ways. And at the core of the problem…at the core of the solution…is people. People with dreams for a better life in the United States. People who want international fame in another. People who simply want a fair division of marital property and sufficient financial provisions for their children when the family unit must divide in order to survive. People who want to protect the health and finances of a mentally or physically challenged loved one.

Whatever the problem, you have taken the first step by reading this message. Now, take the second step. Call PWK Law today.

Business Formation, Contract Development, Copyright, Trademarks, Nondisclosure Agreements, Child Support, Child Custody, Conservatorship, Guardianship, Veteran Benefit Claims, Women Soldiers and Military Sexual Trauma

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    The Law Offices Of Pamela Williams Kelly
    South Main
    Memphis, TN 38116


    South Main
    Memphis, TN 38116

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    • Serving Memphis Tennessee and the surrounding area.

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