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The LoRicco Law Firm

The LoRicco Law Firm

Accident & Injury, Workers' Compensation, Criminal Featured ✓

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Scott Leventhal

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DUI-DWI, Accident & Injury, Criminal, Workers' Compensation

Representing the accused and the injured since 1957. We understand that sometimes good people make mistakes. The story of the LoRicco family and the LoRicco Law Firm is intertwined with the... (more)

"Attorney Leventhal was recommended by the original firm handling my personal injury case after it appeared we may have been heading for trial. The original firm was candid that they did not have much trial experience. Attorney Leventhal and LoRicco Law were provided ample opportunity to review the case and decide whether it was viable for them to take on. In my first and only in-person interaction with Attorney Leventhal at LoRicco Law Offices in New Haven, Attorney Ron LoRicco entered the room and our discussion, quickly declaring that I needed to be 'more f----ing assertive' about where I fell from (my case was related to falling from a neighbor's roof). Attorney Leventhal repeatedly stated that this case would be 'an uphill battle' and more than once placed blame on my previous counsel, who had referred me to Attorney Leventhal. There were several missteps and in retrospect it is clear that Attorney Leventhal did not have interest in pursuing this case. The most egregious being that I was not provided a copy of the decision on the Motion for Summary Judgement, as promised by Scott when he called to inform me that this had taken place and that the case was now over, barring an appeal. It is also important to note that Attorney Leventhal provided me with no indication that this Motion for Summary Judgement was scheduled or upcoming, so I was absolutely blind-sided when he called with the outcome. This also meant I had no opportunity to assist in preparing for this motion to be heard; where I was closest to the case and all of its relevant details. When I followed up with Attorney Leventhal after not receiving a copy of the judge's decision as he had promised in our conversation, he advised me that my right to appeal had already been lost due to a time constraint. At that point Attorney Leventhal began to argue with me regarding the facts and merits of the case, rather than assuming responsibility for his oversight that resulted in my legal right to appeal to be lost. Later, after obtaining a copy of and reading the Motion for Summary Judgement, it became clear that Attorney Leventhal was not prepared or properly engaged in this case. Specifically, there was a homeowner inspection report that the defense had provided. During the Motion for Summary Judgement, the defense raised the issue of the report's authenticity, even though this information was supplied by the defense. Attorney Leventhal's inability to successfully navigate this is an illustration of what you may expect as a potential client. I would highly caution anyone from retaining the services of Attorney Scott Leventhal or LoRicco Law Firm, LLC."

  1 year ago     Gregg Franco

"Great attorneys - extremely professional and very courteous staff!"

  9 months ago     Jessica De Young

"This is a wonderful firm with great attorneys and fantastic staff. I couldn't be more happy with the outcome of my case!"

  1 year ago     Vicki Ilginis

"I was in a car accident and was not getting treated fairly by the other driver's insurance company. A friend of mine had used Attorney Leventhal in the past and she recommended him to me. He cut through the red tape quickly got me a great result. Thank you!"

  2 years ago     Carolyn Rodgers


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