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Bradley H. Clark

Veterans' Affairs, Social Security -- Disability, Government, Personal Injury

Personal Injury, Products Liability, Social Security -- Disability, Workers' Compensation

"I want to thank again All staff here at Whitley that worked with my case they all were awesome ! Couldn't have a better group of people to deal with like what I had...thanks again !"

  10 months ago     Kimberly Meadows

"I found working with Whitely Law Firm to be a great experience. Michelle Welsh was very patient with me and the long process. This was a very hard time in my life and I believe that she truly did everything with in her capabilities to help me through it. This is a firm that I would recommend to anyone who is considering a lawyer for their workman comp claim. My experience was one not just focused on the bottom line but on everyone of my personal needs.Thank you Michele and Mr. Whitley for taking such great care of me."

  4 years ago     Elizabeth Murphey

"I'd consider the Whitley Law Firm to be the best there is. nnAfter my accident, like everyone else I received approximately 20 letters in the mail from various attorneys. nnAfter reading each and every one of them, visiting several of their websites, and calling 4 of them to discuss my case it was very obvious to me who could represent me the best. nnAfter speaking with Bob "Whit" Whitley I knew I had the right folks to represent me in my situation. I was assured things would be handled by them in a manner that would put my needs first and any questions I had were answered without delay. Shortly after taking my case I was assigned a Case Manager by the name of Beverly Lynch. I was assured I could call her any time with any question. My case wasn't unique in any way. However it was unique to me. I was taken care of as an individual and I'm glad to say my case was handled as if I was the only one they had to work on. nnIt's easy to see why the Whitley Law Firm has been in business for so many years. With folks like "Whit" and "Beverly" on your side you'll always be represented by the best.nnIf a law's firm rating was anything like a fine dining establishment the Whitley Law Firm would receive 5 stars.nnJesse CreechnWendell, NC"

  5 years ago     Jesse Creech

"I would recommend Whitley Law Firm not for only their lawyers but for their support staff.nLinda Fuller was through and always got back to me ASAP.nShe was extremely attentive to my needs.nThis was my first (hopefully last) time I was on workman's comp and Whitley made this process more at ease for me.nThanks to all the staff.nAmy"

  3 years ago     Amy Lehrman

"The Staff at Whitley Law Firm worked very hard to win my case. I was very pleased with the results and would recommend them to anyone! Tiffani did a great job keeping me up to date. She was always pleasant and was able to answer all of my questions.nn"

  4 years ago     Floyd Jones

Gillespie & Murphy PA

Bankruptcy & Debt, Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation

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701 McCarthy Boulevard,Post Office Box 12550
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701 McCarthy Boulevard,Post Office Box 12550
New Bern, NC 28561

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