Legal Articles

The 'Legal Articles' service allows Lawyers to post their legal articles online at The service is free for Premium Lawyer Profile members. Posting Legal Articles and linking them to your Premium Lawyer Profile is a terrific way to find more clients. Users doing general research online can see your article and learn about your expertise in a field. Users can find your article when it matches a search that they are doing at Also we submit all articles to search engines such as Google to be indexed.

What are the benefits of posting Legal Articles?

Future Clients:

Bottom line, win more clients. Users are more likely to call a lawyer after reading an informative and relevant article from that lawyer. Your articles are linked to your profile so visitors to can reach you easily.

Search Engines: submits all articles to the search engines for indexing. Search engines like to see informative rich content around specific legal practice areas. The more original content you provide on your profile, the better the likelihood of getting listed on multiple search engines. More indexed pages linking to your profile from high ranking websites like means increased traffic. Now you have a tool to effectively increase your traffic.

What makes a good article?

Most important is original content that you have written that is informative and useful for interested readers. Give guidance to readers about circumstances where your information can be applied. You should post legal articles about subject matters or practice areas that you have expertise. One additional tip, think about the key words or topics users looking for your article will be using to search on the site or search engines and make sure they are included in your article.

What is the cost or limits?

Posting articles is free for Premium Profile members. For articles to be posted you must confirm that you have the right to post the content online. There is no limit on the number of articles you can post or the frequency. You can login to add more articles or to edit your existing articles at any time.

How do I get started?

Once you are registered as a Premium Profile member you will see links to add articles in the member area.
Please click here to see a Guide for Posting Articles.