Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I advertise on or be listed on offers two ways for you to reach users searching on for a lawyer. Both are great opportunities to get in front of a new stream of prospective clients and win business.

    Premium Lawyer Profile : Premium Lawyer Profiles are prominently displayed above general profiles listed in our lawyer directory. You can select multiple practice areas of focus so that you receive highly targeted leads. See more benefits and sign up for a Premium Lawyer Profile. Advertising : also offers advertising solutions for Lawyers that are interested in going beyond a Premium Lawyer Profile and sponsoring a specific practice area for their city or state. If you are interested in advertising on, please complete this form and a specialist will contact you.

    Click here to see an example of a Premium Lawyer Profile and Advertising.

  2. When does my Premium Lawyer Profile come up and how do you determine the order of results?

    Several factors are used to determine lawyer listing results that are displayed for a user's search and the order of results. A user's search condition of 'practice area' and 'location' will primarily determine the lawyer profiles that show in the results. Sample visitor searches are 'personal injury lawyers within 15 miles of Los Angeles', 'DUI lawyers in New York City', etc. For location we determine the distance from a lawyer's 'primary office address' and show lawyers within a certain distance from the user's location search condition; the area used for results is increased dynamically until the result set is complete.

    For all the profiles that meet the visitor's search condition, the Premium Lawyer Profile listings are featured on top of general listings. The order of results is calculated separately for Premium Lawyer Profiles and general listings and is based on the closeness of the match. The closer a match for a user's search, the higher the ranking. Factors used to determine match closeness are location, state, practice area, and user sort preference. For practice area, the more precise practice area matched lawyers will show above broader practice area matched lawyers. As an example, a user's search for a malpractice lawyer will first return malpractice specific premium lawyers if any for that location and then 'accident & injury' premium lawyers if any for that location. Users have flexibility to adjust sort order of search results based on distance, name, and location.

    For an equivalent match for Premium Lawyer Profiles, the lawyer that signed up for a Premium Lawyer Profile first will be shown first.

    In addition to the above, also offers users an 'Advanced Search Option' where users can search by name or other keywords that can match any item of a Lawyer profile and will have an impact on the Lawyer listing results.

  3. Can I sign up for a free lawyer listing at

    No. To be listed in the lawyer directory you must either sign up for a Premium Lawyer Profile or we must have received your listing for display from a partner. You can sign up for a Premium Lawyer Profile at any time. To see if we received you listing from one of's partners we suggest you check quarterly or annually as that is when we receive updates.

  4. I am listed but I did not sign up? partners with leading companies to offer a comprehensive lawyer directory for users searching for a lawyer. receives updates from these partners either quarterly or annually depending on the partner.

  5. How can I change my listing?

    If you have signed up for a Premium Lawyer Profile then you can login to your account at any time and update your listing online in the member area. Just click the 'login' link on the top right of the website.

    If you have a listing from one of's partners then you can update the information on the listing or remove the listing by contacting To do this, go to your listing profile and click on the link 'How to update or change your listing?' found at the bottom of your listing profile page and then follow the instructions to submit the 'update listing form'.

  6. How do I sign up to use a email address?

    Email addresses are not owned, operated or supported by our company or website. Media Corp owns and operates email services using

Email addresses at are not currently offered.