About Us

Lawyer.com Business

Everyday, thousands of visitors come to Lawyer.com looking for the perfect lawyer. We are the answer to their question:

If you are looking for a lawyer, where do you go?

Matching visitors to top Lawyers is challenging. Lawyers are busy and don't have time for unqualified calls. Lawyers do not want to spend hours updating their profile information but do want a high quality online presence.

Our Solution:

Each Lawyer Premium Member is assigned a Member Representative with the expertise to manage the Lawyer's online presence. Need help enhancing your Premium Profile, building a display sponsorship, managing AdWords campaigns, reviewing visitor statistics? Email or call your dedicated Member Representative.

We support our Member Representatives with:

advanced directory technology (try visiting a few pages and watch the speed),
best SEO, SEM and SMO practices
training in latest online and legal marketing practices.

Lawyer.com is not a general purpose Law portal. We do not offer self legal help, free forms or legal news. We focus on attracting visitors who need a lawyer immediately and quickly connecting them to a top lawyer. We are building lifetime relationships with top lawyers, one month at a time. We do not have contracts, Lawyers can cancel at anytime and all services come with a 90 day unconditional money back guarantee.

Lawyer.com History

Lawyer.com founders, Gerald Gorman and Gary Millin acquired the Lawyer.com brand in 1998 while building Mail.com into a leading public Internet company with 1,400 employees. In 2000 consumer Internet brands lost favor and Lawyer.com development was deferred. In 2008 development restarted and the directory was launched in 2009.

Lawyer.com is a natural brand and visitor traffic is expanding rapidly.
According to Google Analytics, traffic has expanded 10 fold since launch.

Lawyer,com traffic

Lawyer.com is funded by its founders and has been profitable since 2010. We are expanding our team to achieve the following goals:

  • increase number and quality of visitors looking for a lawyer (SEO, SEM, and SMO efforts)
  • provide additional Premium Member services (Toll free numbers, Google AdWords, Local Presence, and Websites)
  • promote the Lawyer.com brand (blogs, PR, partnerships).