Lawyer.com Sponsorships give lawyers and law firms the highest visibility when users are searching for a Lawyer. If you are interested in Sponsorships on Lawyer.com and sponsoring a specific practice area, please complete this form and a Lawyer.com specialist will contact you.

You can Sponsor any of Lawyer.com's 20 major Practice areas:
Accident & Injury, Bankruptcy & Debt, Business, Civil & Human Rights, Consumer Rights, Criminal Defense, Divorce & Family Law, Employment, Environmental Law, Estate Law, Government, Health Care, Immigration, Industry Specialties, Intellectual Property, International, Lawsuit & Dispute, Motor Vehicle, Real Estate, and Tax.

You can also sponsor specific verticals or sub-practices including:
Admiralty & Maritime, Advertising, Agriculture, Aviation, Communication & Media, Energy, Entertainment, Gaming & Alcohol, Oil & Gas, Science, Technology & Internet, Transportation & Shipping Industries, Education, Ethics, Juvenile Law, Military, and Power of Attorney.

You can select your Sponsorship to display by state or county. A State Sponsorship will be shown on all listings pages for all cities and towns in the state. A County Sponsorship will be shown on all listings pages for all cities and towns in the county. Where there are both a State and County Sponsor for the same Practice Area, the County Sponsor will show above the State Sponsor. In 2011 only one State and one County sponsor are allocated for each practice area so a maximum of two sponsors can appear on any listings pages.

Our graphics design department provides free graphics design or you can send us your creative. Each Sponsorship unit is 300 pixels by 250 pixels. Creatives should be png, jpeg or gif. Subject to our review, we can display iframes, flash and other rich media provided by Sponsor.

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