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James Davis | Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer

James Davis Lawyer

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DUI-DWI, Felony, Misdemeanor, RICO Act, White Collar Crime


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James Davis was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. Mr. Davis graduated with honors from the University of North Florida in 1996 and St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami, Florida in 1999. At St. Thomas Mr. Davis excelled in the classroom and the courtroom as a Certified Legal Intern for the City of Ft. Lauderdale Prosecutor’s Office. Mr. Davis won numerous academic awards at St. Thomas University and was honored as a "Who’s Who Among American Law Students."

Upon graduation, Mr. Davis immediately entered private practice with a small firm and began practicing criminal defense. Mr. Davis is licensed to practice law in the State of Florida and in Federal Court.  Since 1999, Mr. Davis has successfully defended thousands of clients charged with drug offenses, robberies, burglaries, sexual offenses, economic crimes, and DUI’s.

Mr. Davis has not limited his talents and services to solely handling criminal cases. He has been involved in fighting for individuals injured in all types of accidents.
Mr. Davis also has extensive experience in contract negotiations in both traditional and action sports. As a former National Football League agent and negotiator for action sport athletes, he has negotiated millions of dollars in salary and endorsements for his clients.  Mr. Davis is called upon frequently to negotiate new endorsement opportunities and to find a way out of existing contracts.

Mr. Davis has an unwavering commitment and passion to achieving results for his clients. He is a member of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), and is active in the community.  He is proud to call Jacksonville his home.

State / Court Date
State Bar of Florida 9/20/1999
  • State v. D.T. – My client was tired from jet lag, having just returned from a 22 hours of travel. He was stopped for allegedly running a red light. The cop mistook his lethargy and red eyes for being under the influence of something. After taking the sobriety tests he was arrested. He blew .000 and gave a urine sample. We refused to plead and demanded the results of the urine sample. The State did not file the case within speedy trial and we filed a motion to dismiss. RESULT – Charges dropped!

    State v. R.H. - My client, 19 years old, along with two friends, attempted to kick in the door of the victim’s apartment to settle a dispute. My client was accused of carrying an AK-47 assault rifle while one of the co-defendants carried a shotgun. The co-defendant fired the shotgun into the victim’s residence and my client was accused of firing the AK -47 into the residence as well.  The State charged my client under the 10-20-Life law and sought 20 years in prison. After lengthy discovery we chose to enter a plea to the Court. RESULT - After a successful sentencing hearing we convinced the Court to classify my client as a youthful offender. He received no felony conviction, 6 months in jail and probation. Well below the 20 years in prison the State had sought!

    State v. A.C. - My client was growing over 60 plants of marijuana in his home. He was contacted by the Sheriff’s office and was convinced to allow them to search his home. Upon entering his home they found the grow room and arrested my client.  The State initially offered a lengthy prison sentence. RESULT - After a lengthy discovery process my client received no conviction and no jail!

    J.G. v. State - I was retained by my client after she attempted to have her record sealed. She was denied by the Court and didn’t know where to turn.  We filed a motion with the Court for a rehearing on the denied motion.  RESULT - Over the State’s objection we convinced the Court to grant our motion and seal her arrest record! Now she can apply for jobs without worrying about a potential employer finding out she was previously arrested.

    State v. E.D. - My client was charged with felony driving on suspended license. We reviewed her drivers license record and determined what was necessary to get her license back. We filed the appropriate motions and got her license reinstated. RESULT - The State changed the charge from a felony to a misdemeanor. She kept her license and out of jail!

    State v. J.M. - My client stole thousands of dollars form a charitable organization. We convinced the State not to file charges after we worked out a deal to pay the money back and complete community service hours. After my client violated the agreement he was arrested and the State filed charges. RESULT -  We convinced the Court to not convict my client and time serve him. We saved my client twice!

    State v. C.M. - My client was stopped for speeding in Jacksonville Beach. The arresting officer requested my client perform field sobriety tests. My client refused to cooperate with the arresting officer, a recipient of MADD Mothers awards, and was quickly arrested. While at the jail he refused to provide a breath sample.  We challenged the officers reasons for the arrest and secured a video of my client inside the county jail. The video clearly demonstrated he did not exhibit the signs of impairment the officer said he did. RESULT - On the eve of trial the State reduced the charge to Reckless Driving. No DUI conviction!

    State v. L.W. - My client worked for a major insurance provider reviewing employee sick leave.  She became deeply depressed and determined she wanted to take disability she wasn’t entitled to. She forged a doctor’s signature allowing her to qualify for disability she otherwise wasn’t entitled to. She collected over $27, 000.00.  The State continuously sought a conviction and prison time. Unacceptable to us. We pleaded to the Court and held a sentencing hearing.  RESULT - My client received no conviction and probation to pay the money back. No jail!

    State v. D.C. - My client was driving too fast in the rain and lost control of his car going around a curve. He had a passenger with him and there were no witnesses to the accident.  When the police finally arrived they smelled an odor of alcohol on his breath and quickly arrested him for DUI. He made no admissions of driving the vehicle and refused the breathalyzer at the jail.  We fought the case and filed the appropriate motions. We showed the State that they could not prove that my client was in actual physical control of the vehicle. We were anxious to have this case heard before a jury. RESULT - The State dropped the DUI!

    State v. A.W. - My client was busted after he allegedly sold a large amount of ecstasy to who he thought was a friend. He was facing a minimum mandatory 7 year prison sentence.  We hit the ground running and demanded every piece of evidence the State had. We sifted through an enormous amount of documents and watched numerous videos that purported to have my client doing multiple transactions with the cops informant.  The State fought us every step of the way. After finding an opening, we pounced on the crack the informant created without even knowing it. Even when it appears all hope is lost, you still have to fight.  RESULT -  No conviction and probation. NO PRISON!

    State v. D.S. – My client was hanging out with some friends barbequing and having a good time. A group of young thugs began to harass and threaten my client and his friends. Once the group began to surround my client he pulled out his gun and fired two shots into the ground in self-defense. The thugs fled but called the police and said my client unjustifiably threatened them. My client was arrested for Aggravated Assault w/a Firearm, which carries a mandatory 3 year prison sentence! We found an independent witness that corroborated my clients facts. RESULT – Charges dropped!

    State v P.B. – The police stopped my client based on an anonymous call that he was driving recklessly. The officer saw my client and immediately made a traffic stop without observing any driving pattern. Upon approaching the car the officer smelled marijuana. My client was arrested for felony possession of marijuana and numerous pills. We challenged the stop based on no probable cause. RESULT – All charges dropped!

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300 West Adams Street, Suite 550
Jacksonville, FL 32202



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