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James Hoffmann | Saint Louis Workers Compensation & Personal Injury Attorney| Missouri

James Hoffmann Lawyer

James M. Hoffmann

Workers' Compensation, Car Accident, Personal Injury, Slip & Fall Accident, Wrongful Death

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Position Organization Location Duration
Owner Law Office of James M. Hoffmann N/A 1993-Present
Attorney Husch & Eppenberger, LLC N/A 1991-1993
School Degree Major Graduation
Saint Louis University School of Law J.D. Law School N/A
St. Louis University’s John Cook School of Business Bachelor Business N/A
State / Court Date
Missouri 1991
  • Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys         
    Missouri State Bar Association
  • Top Honor Banking Law: Saint Louis University Law School (1991)
  • Passenger Car Accident Victim
    Outcome: $50,000 settlement

    Construction Worker Injured on the Job
    Outcome: $409,000 settlement

  • Missouri Workers Compensation Guide: Cervical and Lumbar Injuries, (2013)

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(1991) Licensed as Attorney in Missouri. Verified with Missouri Bar. December 12, 2013

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Children of Diseased Missouri Worker Awarded Lifetime Benefits(2013-12-13 15:26:57)
Recently, a case from Missouri applied Schoemehl to grant benefits to the dependents of a worker who had died due to unrelated causes.

Factors in Truck Accidents(2013-12-16 17:38:29)
Truck accidents involving smaller, passenger vehicles almost always result in serious injuries or death. Therefore, it is important to be away of the factors that play a role in truck accidents.

Wide Turn Accidents With Semi-Trucks(2014-01-07 15:15:54)
Drivers of large commercial trucks have a responsibility to operate their vehicle in a way that will not endanger others on the road.

Settling Your Workers Compensation Claim(2014-01-29 12:04:50)
If your claim for workers compensation claim has been denied, contact a workers compensation attorney to discuss the details of your claim and begin working on building a strong case.

Back Injuries and Repetitive Stress Motion(2014-05-07 12:54:55)
No matter if you have sustained a back injury because of a sudden work related accident, or as a result of prolonged over use of certain muscles, you are entitled to benefits under the Missouri workers' compensation system.

Work-Related Injuries and Workers' Compensation(2014-06-25 12:41:18)
If you have been injured as a result of performing job-related duties, you should be aware of your rights under workers' compensation. The following outlines what workers' compensation is, benefits you may be entitled to, limitations, and how to successfully file and claim.

The History of Workers’ Compensation Insurance(2014-06-30 21:25:39)
Workers’ compensation is a state-regulated social insurance system that offers limited wage replacement for temporary or permanent loss of wages resulting from injuries and sickness while at work.

How Do Independent Contractors Affect the Liability of a Company?(2014-07-21 17:18:52)
Since independent contractors are considered self-employed individuals, they should report their income and pay the appropriate taxes on their own. The company hiring them is not required to provide benefits or follow minimum wage laws.

How to Appeal Your Workers' Compensation Claim(2014-08-20 13:31:52)
An injured employee can appeal a workers compensation claim if no agreement was made with the employer through a conference or mediation.

Responsibilities of Employers in Managing Injury Claims(2014-08-22 14:53:21)
Employers and employees have to follow a particular set of steps whenever an employee suffers an injury while working. These steps should be followed to facilitate everything needed to deal with the injury.

Getting Workers' Compensation Benefits for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome(2014-08-27 18:20:41)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome affects millions of individuals in the United States. If your job has caused or worsened your condition, you may be entitled to workers' compensation.

Determining Whether Your Injury is Work Related or Not(2014-09-22 11:14:41)
To seek workers’ compensation you have to prove that the illness or injury sustained by you was a result of a workplace accident or condition.

Work-Related Neck and Back Injuries(2014-10-06 15:24:19)
Work-related neck and back injuries often result in huge medical expenses, causing financial stress for an injured worker.

Shoulder Injury Claims Under Workers' Compensation(2014-11-04 12:27:44)
Shoulder injuries are a common type of workplace injury claimed under the workers’ compensation system.

Cellular Towers Pose Serious Threat to Industry Workers(2014-11-06 15:07:45)
Cellular tower accidents have resulted in the death of eleven workers in 2014.

Workers' Compensation Claim and 'Idiopathic Cause'(2014-11-07 14:13:11)
Many employees assume that all workplace injuries are covered by Missouri workers' compensation.

Injured in a Car Accident - Can I Claim Workers' Compensation?(2014-11-12 11:14:11)
Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system; however, there are certain cases when the coverage is not so clear, like when a worker is injured in an automobile accident.

Your Workers' Compensation Claim Denied - What Next?(2014-11-17 10:57:39)
If your workers' compensation claim is denied, it is important to understand how to file an appeal.

How Pre-Existing Conditions May Affect Workers' Compensation Benefits(2014-12-05 12:55:45)
Injured workers who have aggravated a pre-existing condition with a work injury may be eligible for workers' compensation benefits.

What You Should Know About Missouri Workers' Compensation(2014-12-18 11:47:26)
Work-related injuries are common and Missouri has rules in place to help you if you have suffered an on-the-job injury.

Important Things You Must Do After a Work-Related Injury(2014-12-23 11:10:20)
It is important that you take the greatest care to safeguard your rights to fair workers' compensation benefits.

Working with a Missouri Workers' Compensation Lawyer(2015-01-09 11:15:37)
If you have been injured on the job, consulting with an experienced workers' compensation attorney will be in your best interest.

Who is Exempt From Workers' Compensation?(2015-01-15 18:23:00)
Every state requires employers to have workers' compensation insurance in place to protect the rights of injured workers. However, exemptions are allowed for smaller-sized businesses, certain job categories, and top-level employees.

Defining a Work-Related Injury(2015-02-06 14:02:51)
Many factors are considered with a workers' compensation claim; there is a lot of room for an employer or the insurance company to deny a claim.

Workers' Compensation and Construction Accidents(2015-02-13 17:51:18)
The construction industry has the highest rate of non-fatal and fatal work-related injuries.

Should You Accept the Workers' Compensation Settlement Offer?(2015-02-17 17:55:05)
Receiving your workers' compensation benefits is not always as simple as the system was initially designed to be.

Workers' Compensation and Knee Injuries(2015-02-25 11:17:26)
Workers who are required to perform the same functions on a continual basis often suffer from what is known as repetitive motion injuries.

Meeting with a Workers' Compensation Lawyer(2015-03-06 12:49:08)
If you are having problems receiving your workers' compensation benefits, request a consultation with a Missouri workers' compensation attorney.

Proving Repetitive Injury in a Workman’s Compensation Claim(2015-03-13 13:13:31)
Your body can be affected by constant repetitive motions in ways that you are entirely unaware of for years. These types of workplace related injuries, known as repetitive injury can occur on the back, hands, elbows, shoulders and wrists.

Workers' Compensation and Construction Injuries(2015-03-20 12:57:41)
Construction workers must deal with some of the most dangerous working conditions faced by workers in any industry.

Workers' Compensation and Wrongful Death Benefits(2015-04-02 14:12:21)
Losing a beloved family member in a work-related accident is something no family wants to have to go through.

Workers' Compensation and Wrongful Death Benefits(2015-04-02 14:21:38)
Losing a beloved family member in a work-related accident is something no family wants to have to go through.

Missouri Workers' Compensation for Neck Injuries(2015-04-07 18:02:46)
While some work-related neck injuries are minor and resolve in a few days or weeks, others can be serious with life-altering consequences.

Work-Related Injuries Caused by Fires and Explosions(2015-04-17 17:41:04)
Victims of industrial accidents must often deal with expensive medical bills, lost time from work, and are left in a financial turmoil.

Work-Related Lifting Injuries in Missouri(2015-04-22 23:43:54)
Work-related lifting injuries are quite common and each year thousands of claims are filed.

Work-Related Injuries and Office Workers(2015-05-27 15:17:34)
It is a common misconception that work-related injuries only occur at high risk workplaces, such as in the construction and manufacturing sectors.

How a Lack of Safety Training Affects Your Workers' Compensation Claim(2015-05-31 15:01:55)
As premiums for workers' compensation insurance rise, some Missouri businesses have taken the step to offer job safety training to their employees.

When a Workplace Accident Worsens a Pre-Existing Condition(2015-06-16 12:46:21)
An accident at work can bring about symptoms from an underlying ailment that until then was unknown by the employee.

Obtaining Workers' Compensation Benefits After a Work-Related Car Accident(2015-07-08 17:18:13)
There are certain rules that may affect if you receive workers' compensation benefits after a work-related automobile accident.

Physical Assault at Work - Workers' Compensation or Personal Injury Claim?(2015-07-16 12:32:15)
Assault in the workplace is not as uncommon as you may think.

Workers Compensation for Eye Injuries in Missouri(2015-09-10 12:17:45)
Electricians, assembly line workers, carpenters, mechanics, and computer data entry operators are exposed to higher risk of eye injuries at work.

Occupational Hazards and Injury Risk in Construction Industry(2015-09-14 15:56:35)
Construction workers are exposed to a higher number of workplace injuries.

How Work-Related Stress Affects Missouri Employees(2015-10-15 18:58:24)
Prolonged stress can adversely affect a worker's productivity and increase the risk of a workplace accident.

Common Injuries MO Workers Suffer During Winter Months(2015-10-21 14:00:36)
It is an employer’s responsibility to ensure workplace safety by taking the necessary steps to lower accident risks during winter months in Missouri.

Workers Comp for Traumatic Brain Injuries(2015-10-27 13:47:06)
Intracranial injury is also known as traumatic brain injury. All intracranial injuries are treated as head injuries, although head injuries may also refer to injuries to other parts of the head.

Missouri Workplace Accident Attorney: Caught-In or Between Hazards(2015-11-04 21:07:43)
A worker may find themselves in an unexpected and dangerous situation - caught-in or-between two objects.

Missouri Workers Comp Lawyer: Repetitive Motion Injuries(2015-11-13 13:10:58)
If you suffer a repetitive stress injury at the workplace, report the injury to your employer as soon as you start experiencing the symptoms.

Is There a Time Limit on Medical Treatment After a Workplace Injury?(2015-12-08 11:58:02)
If you suffer an injury at your workplace, you can claim medical and wage loss benefits under the workers compensation system.

Work Injury Lawyer St. Louis: OSHA Regulations for Backing-Alarms(2015-12-18 14:13:45)
Employers need to take the necessary steps to prevent backover accidents. Identifying the common causes of these accidents is the first step in ensuring appropriate preventive measures are put in place.

Injured at Work? Avoid These Common Mistakes that Jeopardize Workers Comp Claims(2016-01-20 22:15:21)
Avoid these common mistakes many injured St. Louis workers make.

St. Louis Injured at Work Lawyer: Brain Injuries(2016-02-09 12:26:12)
Workers can suffer a variety of injuries. While some are minor, others are serious & require therapy. Among the most serious types of injuries a worker can suffer are brain injuries. Even a minor brain injury can have disabling effects, and may leave the patient incapable of returning to work.

Missouri Work Injury Lawyers Discuss Eye Injury Claims(2016-02-16 17:46:52)
More than 2,000 work-related eye injuries are reported each day in the United States.

Injured While Commuting to Work - Workers Compensation(2016-03-07 21:43:55)
Can you get workers compensation benefits for an injury sustained during commute?

Work Comp Attorney: How Wearable Technology Could Protect Workers From Injuries(2016-04-07 15:00:32)
New wearable technology could help prevent injuries in certain professions.

Statistics on Workplace Fatalities - Missouri Work Injury Attorneys(2016-04-21 11:44:34)
The industry you work in and your choice of career plays a significant role when you consider an employee’s susceptibility to workplace injury.

St. Louis Injured at Work - Complications of Work-Related Concussions(2016-05-05 14:24:58)
Over the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of reported work-related concussions.

Preventing Work-Related Mesothelioma - St. Louis Mesothelioma Lawyer(2016-05-06 12:15:19)
Occupational exposure to asbestos can cause serious illnesses and the most severe among them is mesothelioma.

3 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Workers Compensation Claim(2016-05-19 12:38:16)
In 2015 alone our law office collected over $2,700,000 on behalf of our clients who have suffered work related injuries. Follow these tips to protect your right to compensation!

3 Commons Injuries Suffered by Auto Mechanics in Missouri(2016-05-19 18:53:43)
In 2015 alone, more than 15,000 workplace injuries were reported by mechanics. This figure could be even more alarming if you factor in the injuries that go unreported.

New Requirements for Reporting St. Louis Work-Related Injuries(2016-05-26 14:51:17)
These new requirements are primarily focused on employers in industries where the risk of injuries is high.

What is an Employers’ Responsibility in Preventing St. Louis Workplace Accidents?(2016-06-02 13:14:59)
Many workplace injuries and fatalities could be avoided if OSHA guidelines were followed.

Workplace Injuries in Meat Industry Underreported - St. Louis Work Comp Attorneys(2016-06-09 13:57:41)
If you work in the meat and poultry industry, and you have sustained an injury or illness as a result of the work you do, you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits.

Should I Hire a St. Louis Workers Compensation Attorney?(2016-06-22 14:28:03)
Insurance adjusters are trained to save their companies money through each step of the workers compensation claims process. Our experienced attorneys can help get you the compensation you are entitled to!

What You Should Know About Shift Work Disorder - Workers Comp Attorneys St. Louis(2016-06-30 11:14:01)
June is the National Safety Month. One of the issues that National Safety Council has highlighted is the adverse health risks associated with shift work- truck drivers, doctors, nurses, police officers and others who work outside the 9-5 shift.

This Failure Causes a Large Majority of Workplace Accidents - Missouri Workers Comp Attorney(2016-07-07 11:18:26)
Inadequate safety training is a leading cause of Missouri workplace accidents.

St. Louis Attorney on Shoulder Replacement Surgery After a Workplace Injury(2016-07-18 11:44:39)
Our workers compensation attorneys discuss the types of shoulder replacement surgery and situations in which a worker may need this surgery.

Underground Safety Tips for Construction Workers - St. Louis Workmens Comp Attorney(2016-08-12 12:29:05)
Construction workers often work in dangerous environments, including underground. Proper training and prevention is vital to preventing work-related injuries.

Missouri Workers Compensation Claims Involving Toxic Exposure(2016-09-06 14:05:31)
If you have been injured or have developed an illness due to toxic exposure at workplace, you may be entitled to receive workers compensation benefits.

Manufacturing Hand Injuries - St. Louis Workers Comp Lawyers(2016-09-12 15:41:07)
The risk of hand injuries can be significantly reduced with a few simple measures taken by employers and employees.

Workers Compensation for Respiratory Diseases - St. Louis Injury Lawyer(2016-10-17 16:08:03)
Workers in the United States are at risk of developing a variety of occupational illnesses. Exposure to hazardous work environments like toxins, improper ergonomics, poor quality of air, dangerous work-related equipment, etc. can all lead to many debilitating conditions.

Construction Workers Deserve a Safe Workplace - St. Louis Work Injury Lawyer(2016-10-30 18:30:04)
Although construction sites are dangerous places to work, employers have a legal obligation to provide a reasonably safe work environment to construction workers.

Workplace Injury Risks Facing Hospitality Workers - Missouri Attorney(2016-11-07 15:04:35)
Accidents can happen even when all necessary precautions are taken. Workers should be well aware of their rights to benefits should they get injured on the job.

Most Common Office Injuries - St. Louis Work Injury Lawyer(2016-11-28 13:59:54)
If you have suffered an injury in your office, you might be entitled to workers compensation benefits.

Bodily Reaction Work-Related Injuries - Workers Comp Attorney St. Louis(2016-12-06 13:26:43)
Bodily reaction is the way that your body responds to an external influence or a medication.

St. Louis Workers Compensation for an Ulnar Nerve Injury(2016-12-23 15:13:09)
Workers with ulnar nerve injuries that occurred at work, or due to the scope of their job, can generally claim workers compensation benefits.

Work-Related Injury Risks Faced by Missouri Teachers(2017-01-13 16:30:55)
Missouri teachers are exposed to many different risks on the job.

Construction Accidents Leading to Paralysis - St. Louis Workers Comp Attorney(2017-02-03 13:42:31)
Some types of construction accidents are more likely to cause spinal injuries or paralysis compared to others.

Lead Poisoning: Are Missouri Construction Workers and Their Families at Risk?(2017-03-10 15:51:12)
Lead exposure in the workplace can lead to some very serious occupational illnesses, some of which can be life threatening.

5 Common Occupational Cancers - Missouri Workers Compensation(2017-03-30 15:49:10)
Cancer is possibly the most dreaded disease, and its mere mention evokes emotions of fear and anxiety. Among the many causes of cancer, one is occupational exposure. Our St. Louis work injury lawyer will discuss the five most common types of occupational cancers.

Missouri's One Call System Sets New Standard In Excavation Safety(2017-04-14 12:38:14)
Due to an increase in accidents during excavation work, the Missouri One Call System has been set up to help lower this accident rate and it's proving effective.

How Social Can Impact Your Workers Compensation Claim(2017-04-20 15:32:08)
Be Very Careful With Social Media When Filing a Workers Compensation Claim!

Payments for Pre-Existing Injuries: The Missouri Second Injury Fund(2017-05-08 17:51:58)
The Second Injury workers compensation fund is a great resource to have. However, it is often more complicated than a normal workers compensation case.

Missouri Workers Compensation Claims Involving Traumatic Brain Injuries(2017-06-09 18:06:49)
Traumatic Brain Injuries Are More Common in the Workplace than you Might Think.

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