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Jared Austin | Lansing Criminal Lawyer

Jared Austin Lawyer

Jared Austin

We primarily practice criminal defense, DUI, and adoptions.

Criminal, DUI-DWI, Felony, Misdemeanor, Divorce & Family Law, Adoption, Wills, Powers of Attorney

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Austin Legal Services, PLC is a solo law practice located in the heart of the capitol city of Lansing, Michigan. We offer a variety of services in several areas of the law and we are never satisfied until you are. Also feel free to take advantage of our flexible scheduling and easy payment plans.

Position Organization Location Duration
Legal Researcher Lovejoy Law Offices, PC Lansing, MI 2009-Present
Court Appointed Counsel Ingham County Ingham County, MI 2009 – Present
Managing Attorney Austin Legal Services, PLC Lansing, MI 2008 – Present
Contract Attorney Miller, Canfield, Paddock & Stone Kalamazoo, MI 2007
Law Clerk Michigan House of Representatives Lansing, MI 2006
School Degree Major Graduation
Shawnee State University B.A. History 2002
State / Court Date
MI 2008
  • American Bar Association        
    American Center for Law and Justice
    State Bar of Michigan
    Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan        
    International Brotherhood of Magicians
    Lansing Central Free Methodist Church
  • Cooley CLS Excellence in Leadership Award
    Academic Honors Scholarship
    President, Christian Legal Society
    Certificate of Merit for Professional Responsibility
    Phi Delta Phi's Highest Grade Award
    Westlaw Certification in Statute and Case Law
  • Home Invasion-- St. Johns, MI 2014. Client charged with Home Invasion 2nd degree, Larceny in a Building, and Malicious Destruction of Property. Client was facing up to 15 years in prison. Negotiated a deal on the day of the Preliminary Exam to a plea to Malicious Destruction of Property, a 93-day misdemeanor.

    Possession of Analogues-- Lansing, MI 2014. Client charged with possession of analogues, possession of marijuana, driving while license suspended as an habitual 4th offender. Facing 15 years in prison. Negotiated a sentencing agreement with prosecutor that allowed Defendant to plead to main charge and only be sentenced to fines and costs. No jail, no probation.

    Domestic Violence-- St. Johns, MI 2014. Client charged with domestic violence second offense, facing up to one year in jail. Prosecutor would only offer a plea to DV first offense with no sentencing agreement. On day of jury selection, Defendant pled to Disturbing the Peace (90-day misdemeanor) and was sentenced to only fines and costs.

    Retail Fraud-- Jackson, MI 2013 CASE DISMISSED

    After reviewing the police report with the prosecutor and pointing out flaws in the case, the prosecutor decided to dismiss the charges.

    Possession of a Taser-- Lansing, MI 2013 CASE DISMISSED

    Client facing a four-year felony. After discussions with the prosecutor and submitting documentation that Client had completed a CCW course, the case was dismissed.

    Retail Fraud-- Mason, MI 1) CASE DISMISSED 2) HYTA-- NO PUBLIC RECORD

    Client had two active cases for retail fraud. After discussions with the prosecutor, they agreed to dismiss one case and Client was given Holmes Youthful Trainee Act status on the other case, which means that she will not have a public record upon successful completion of probation.

    Larceny-- Mason, MI 2013 FINES/COSTS with NO PROBATION

    Client charged with multiple larceny counts. On day of trial, prosecutor agreed to no upfront jail and Client was sentenced only to pay court costs, fines, and restitution. No jail and no probation.

    Arson, Felonious Assault, Malicious Destruction of Property, Resisting & Obstructing, Resisting & Obstructing Causing Injury-- Adrian, MI 2012 Bench Trial-- NOT GUILTY BY REASON OF INSANITY

    Client charged with multiple felony and misdemeanor counts facing up to 20 years in prison with no prior criminal history. Ordered a forensic evalaution which stated that Client could not be held responsible for the crimes he was alleged to have committed.

    Larceny in a Building-- Lansing, MI 2011 Jury Trial-- NOT GUILTY

    Client facing a four-year felony as a habitual second offener, subjecting her to heightened penalties. A jury rendered a verdict of "not guilty."

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(2008) Licensed as Attorney in Michigan. Verified with State Bar of Michigan. March 09, 2016

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Michigan 7411-- Delayed Sentencing Option for First Time Drug Offenders(2013-04-24 19:23:11)
Describes Michigan's 7411 status: a delayed sentencing option which allows first time drug offenders to keep a conviction off their public record.

Expunging Your Record(2013-04-24 19:24:47)
Who is eligible to have a criminal record expunged and the process to get your record expunged.

Getting Your Michigan Driver's License Back(2013-04-24 19:27:17)
How to get your driver's license back after a suspension. How to prepared for the DAAD hearing and win back your license.

Miranda Warnings(2013-04-24 19:29:27)
What the Miranda Warnings are, when they apply, and what the consequences of a Miranda violation is.

Michigan Probation Violations(2013-04-24 19:31:16)
What constitutes a probation violation and what your rights are when you are violated by your probation officer. Describes the procedure and what the standards and burden of proof are.

Romeo & Juliet Laws(2013-04-24 19:33:39)
Romeo & Juliet Law which allows for certain sex offenders to apply to be removed from the requirement of registering as as sex offender on the sex offender registry.

Search Warrant Exceptions(2013-04-24 19:36:07)
When the police can search you and seize evicence without getting a search warrant.

Sentencing Guidelines(2013-04-24 19:38:07)
Michigan Sentencing Guidelines for felony convictions. Describes the purpose and how they are scored to give the judge an idea as the range of sentence that should be imposed.

Steps in a Michigan Criminal Case(2013-04-24 19:40:30)
Roadmap for the steps in a Michigan criminal case for both felonies and misdemeanors.

Michigan Preliminary Exam-- To Waive or Not to Waive(2013-04-24 19:42:53)
A guide to Michigan's Preliminary Exam: what it is, what the standard and burden of proof is, when is it a good idea to have the hearing and when is it a good idea to waive the hearing.

When Can the Police Legally Search You(2013-04-24 19:45:23)
A guide on when the police can legally search you and what is needed so the police can legally search you pursuant to the Fourth Amendment.

What to do When the Police Pull You Over(2013-04-24 19:48:08)
A guide on what to do when the police pull you over whether it's for speeding, traffic infractions, or suspicion of a DUI.

First Offense OWI in Michigan(2013-04-24 19:54:41)
Description of the various OWI or DUI charges you can be facing for a first offense in Michigan and what the legal penalties and consequrences are as well as when to accept a plea offer and when to go to trial.

Field Sobriety Tests(2013-04-24 19:57:53)
Overview of field sobriety tests or roadside sobriety tests as to what they are and why you should never agree to take one if suspected of a DUI.

HGN: Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (Field Sobriety Tests)(2013-04-24 19:59:54)
Describes the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus or HGN of the Field Sobriety Tests. What the test is, what the officer looks for, how to do it correctly, and what determines if you pass or fail.

One Legged Stand (OLS) and the Preliminary Breath Test (PBT)(2013-04-24 20:02:25)
Describest the One Legged Stand the roadside preliminary breath test or pbt of the field sobriety tests. Talks about how they are conducted, what constitutes if you pass or fail.

Walk and Turn (Field Sobriety Tests)(2013-04-24 20:04:08)
Describes the Walk and Turn field sobriety test: how it is done and how the officer tells if you pass or fail.

How I Approach a DUI/OWI Case(2013-04-24 20:06:15)
How my firm tackles a DUI case from the moment the client walks in the door to my office to the last moment we leave the courtroom and everything in between.

Going Out Without Getting a DUI(2013-04-24 20:08:42)
How to prepare yourself to drive safe and to avoid getting arrested for drunk driving after a night out on the town.

Sobriety Court(2013-04-24 20:10:58)
A guide to Michigan's Sobriety Court: what it is, who is eligible, what it requires, how to complete the program, and what the benefits are.

Just Recieved a Traffic or Speeding Ticket--Now What(2013-04-24 20:13:58)
A guide on what to do after you have recieved a traffic or speeding ticket including what your options are, how and when to request a hearing, what to present at the hearing, and what your rights are.

Michigan Implied Consent Law(2013-04-24 20:16:46)
A guide to Michigan's consent law including what it is, when you have to consent to a blood, breath, or urine sample, what your rights are, and how and when to have a hearing challenging a refusal to submit to an officer's chemical tests.

Michigan Drunk Driving Charges and Penalties(2013-04-24 20:19:09)
List of the various charges and penalties for drunk driving offenses in Michigan.

Driving While License Suspended (DWLS)(2013-05-06 11:57:33)
Discusses Michigan's Driving While License Suspended Law (DWLS) including penalties, defenses, and plea options.

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Recommends States to Lower BAC to .05 for DUIs(2013-05-18 15:03:38)
Discusion and detail of the NTSB's new recommendations for DUI laws and penalties including lowering the BAC requirement from .08 to .05.

Fleeing & Eluding(2013-05-20 11:19:37)
Detailing Michigan's Fleeing & Eluding statutes and the various penalties and defenses.

Hardship Driver's License Appeal(2013-05-20 11:22:46)
When can someone with a suspended or revoked license apply to the circuit court for a hardship driver's license.

Retail Fraud AKA Shoplifting(2013-05-20 11:25:49)
Detailing Michigan's Retail Fraud or Shoplifting statute and penalties.

Resisting & Obstructing(2013-05-20 11:28:47)
Michigan's Resisting & Obstructing statute including definitions, penalties, defenses, and recent case law.

Michigan OWI: "Operating" a Motor Vehicle Defined(2013-05-20 11:32:24)
Discusses in depth what constitutes "operating" a motor vehicle for purposes of a DUI or OWI.

Medical Marijuana DUI: Court Rules Prosecutors Must Prove Drivers "Under the Influence"(2013-05-23 19:43:16)
Discussing the Michigan Supreme Court's recent decision in Peo v Koon which states that medical marijuana users must be "under the influence" before being convicted of OWI.

Commercial Driver's License (DCL) and DUI(2013-06-01 14:05:49)
The consequences of a DUI/OWI drunk driving charge when you have a commercial driver's license (CDL).

Felon in Possession of a Firearm(2013-06-03 12:23:07)
Detailing the charge of a Felon in Possession of a Firearm including: definitions of a firearm, collateral consequences such as felony firearm charge, carrying a concealed weapon (CCW) charge, defenses, and restoring your gun rights.

Restoring Your Firearm Rights After Being Convicted of a Felony(2013-06-04 14:08:01)
Detailing how you can retain your right to use and possess a firearm after being convicted of a felony. Discusses the waiting periods and procedures.

DataMaster and Breath Test Instrument Operators in OWI Cases(2013-06-07 10:55:59)
Describes the administrative rules governing breath test instruments in DUI/OWI drunk driving arrests such as the preliminary breath test (roadside PBT) and DataMaster breathalyzer. Also covers the officer's classification for using them as well as calibration requirements and maintenance records.

SCOTUS Holds Law Requiring DNA Samples Upon Arrest Constitutional(2013-06-18 11:29:33)
Discussing the Supreme Court's recent decision in Maryland v King which upheld a state law requiring anyone arrested for a violent felony to provide a DNA sample.

Preliminary Breath Tests (PBT)(2013-06-19 13:01:42)
Discusses the roadside Preliminary Breath Test (PBT), a portable handheld device used by police on DUI stops to give a preliminary BAC reading. Also discusses the penalties for refusing.

Malicous Destruction of Property(2013-09-18 19:29:01)
Michigan's malicious destruction of property (mdop) aka vandalism and criminal property damage-- including definitions, penalties, and defenses.

Stalking(2013-09-19 14:39:32)
Discusses Michigan's stalking laws, definitions, punishments, defenses.

Possession of Burglary Tools(2013-10-08 13:11:34)
Discusses MCL 750.116 which is the charge, definitions, penalties, and defenses for being in possession of burglary tools.

Unlawful Driving Away an Automobile (UDAA)(2013-10-16 14:03:24)
Summarizes MCL 750.413-- Unlawful Driving Away an Automobile (UDAA), commonly referred to as grand theft auto and joyriding. Covers the elements of the offense, penalties, defenses, and plea bargains.

License Plate Readers(2013-10-18 13:43:34)
Discusses the police using license plate readers at red lights and other times to use as reasonable suspicion and probable cause to pull vehicles over.

Michigan Sex Offender Registry (SORA)(2013-11-14 11:15:16)
Details Michigan's Sex Offender Regsistry Act (SORA) including the tier system, who has to register, how long you have to register, what offenses do you have to register for, and what the registry requirements are. Also discusses how to petition to be removed from SORA.

Possession of Analogues (Designer Drugs)(2013-11-25 14:44:42)
Discusses the possession of analogues charge in Michigan, aka possession of designer drugs or possession of prescription drugs. Includes defeinitions, elements, penalties, and how to defend against possession of analogues charges.

Breaking and Entering(2013-11-25 14:47:52)
Michigan's breaking and entering statutes including definitions, penalties, defenses to breaking and entering charges, difference between home invasion and breaking and entering and difference between breaking and entering and burglary.

Home Invasion(2013-11-26 19:50:43)
Discusses Michigan's home invasion charge, definitions, penalties, defenese, differences between home invasion and breaking and entering and home invasion and burglary.

Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC)(2013-11-29 01:41:53)
Discusses Michigan's criminal sexual conduct (csc) statutes or sex crimes, also known as rape and statutory rape. Covers the definitions of the various degrees, csc first degree, csc seond degree, csc third degree, csc fourth degree and csc penalties.

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