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  • Location: Viamonte 430, 1053, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Parent School:
  • Year Founded: 1821
  • 2018 Enrollment: 300
  • 2016 Graduates:
  • Took the Bar Exam:
  • Percent Pass Rate: N/A

The University of Buenos Aires (UBA) is a public research university in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Established in 1821, it is the premier institution of higher learning in the country and one of the most prestigious universities in the region. It has educated 17 Argentine presidents, produced four of the country's five Nobel Prize laureates, and is responsible for approximately 40% of the country's research output. According to the QS World University Rankings (2019), the UBA places number 73 globally, making it the highest ranked university in Latin America and the top Spanish language university in the world.

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