Donna Henke


Donna Henke is a customer service representative for and couldn't be more proud to have joined this team in May of 2016. She has an extensive customer service background and takes great pride in providing top quality service to consumers. She was once licensed in P&C Insurance, and soon after worked for a nutrition company, advising clients how to eat in a healthy way and avoid dieting forever. Donna chose to raise a family rather than attending college when she was young. Donna is a breast cancer survivor. Diagnosis came immediately after being hired on at, they have been more than accommodating during this process and she is forever grateful. She loves nothing more than enjoying life and all four of her grand kids ranging from 9 months to 6 years old. These are the true joys in life. When her grand kids aren't visiting, her challenge is her four year old dog Gomer. is the niche she hopes to remain in long term, they are kind-hearted, fun loving professionals. Perfect fit.