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The debt collector may not be telling you the truth

Making those annoying phone calls stop may be at the top of your priority list. In fact, those annoying phone calls can cause a great deal of stress for some people. It can go even further.

The debt collector may not be telling you the truth

It also goes without say that being hounded by debt collectors and living in fear of what they can do to you can make your stress levels go through the roof. You need to understand how to protect yourself.

Stop the calls from debt collectors

If you feel that you are being treated unfairly by a creditor or collection agency, please contact us immediately. Legal Rights Advocates, PLLC is a consumer advocate law firm that focuses on consumer rights protection services across the Unites States.

Know the facts about debt harassment

If you have a debt or multiple debts that have gone unpaid for a while, chances are high that the creditor has sent your account to a professional debt collection company. When that happens, the original creditor is no longer responsible for collecting the money that you owed them.

Owing money to creditors does not mean you should live your life in fear

When people are in debt and owe money they tend to doubt themselves. That’s why some debt collectors use scare tactics. They are trying to build doubt in yourself within your own mind.

You deserve better than being harassed by a debt collector

The debt collector may swear at you, or make a bunch of threats. Although they can’t actually follow through on most of these threats, you may not know that at the time you are speaking with them.

You are protected by law regarding debt harassment

Some people may be fearful or at least reluctant to take a debt collector’s phone call. Others don’t want to read letters about the debt that they owe. However, it is far better to face the facts and deal with debt collectors.

You are protected by law regarding debt harassment

In essence, it is a federal law that was put into place in order to stop abuses that consumers suffer from debt collectors. This is also known as debt harassment.

A few things you should know about when dealing with debt collectors

A great deal of problems can arise, including collectors depositing the checks prior to the date specified on the checks. They may keep the checks on file and then they try and push you for verbal permission to go into your checking account.