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Kenneth M. Boyer

VERIFIED Credentials and Bar Status verified by on May 04 2020
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Tax, Real Estate, Estate Planning, Business, Divorce

KENNETH M. BOYER received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Wayne State University, where he majored in accounting, in 1967 and his Juris Doctor from W... (more)

J. Christopher Caldwell

Corporate, Business Organization, Criminal, Government Agencies

J. CHRISTOPHER CALDWELL received his Bachelor of Arts degree with high distinction from the University of Michigan-Dearborn in 1977 and his Juris Doct... (more)

James E. Beall

Courts-Martial & Discharge, Energy, Partnerships, Products Liability

Sara Gorman Rajan

General Practice

SARA GORMAN RAJAN received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Oakland University in 1998, her Juris Doctor degree from Wayne State Univers... (more)

Christopher E. LeVasseur

Litigation, Labor Law, Corporate, Business Organization

CHRISTOPHER E. LEVASSEUR received his Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Michigan State University in 1980 and his Juris Doctor cum laude... (more)

Christopher E. Levasseur

Labor Law, Employment

James Christopher Caldwell

Litigation, Entertainment, Estate Planning, Family Law

James E. Beall

Courts-Martial & Discharge, Energy, Partnerships, Products Liability

Joseph Norman Novell

Real Estate, Business

Keith Stark

Elder Law, Estate Planning, Business, Gift Taxation

Keith R. Stark

Elder Law, Estate Planning, Business, Gift Taxation

Michael H. Whiting

Real Estate, Lawsuit & Dispute, Business

Michael H. Whiting

Construction, Litigation, Insurance, Business

MICHAEL H. WHITING received his Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame in 1968 and his Juris Doctor magna cum laude fr... (more)

Peter L. Arvant

Litigation, Biotechnology, Health Care Other, Business

Peter L Arvant

Agriculture, Health Care, Corporate, Business

PETER L. ARVANT was born and raised in Detroit, attending high school at the University of Detroit Jesuit High School.  He received a Bachelor of... (more)

R. Keith Stark

Copyright, Energy, Family Law, Banking & Finance

R. KEITH STARK received his Bachelor of Administration (Finance) from the University of Notre Dame in 1966, his Juris Doctor degree from Duke Universi... (more)

Ronald T. Charlebois

Tax, Estate, Corporate, Business Organization

Ronald T. Charlebois received his Bachelor of Arts degree, with honors, from Wayne State University in 1972 and his Juris Doctor degree from Wayne Sta... (more)

Ronald T. Charlebois

Tax, Real Estate, Estate Planning, Business

Sara G. Rajan

Litigation, Lawsuit & Dispute, Family Law, Divorce & Family Law

Thomas H Finnerty

Employment, Business Organization, Banking & Finance

Willard M Reagan

Banking & Finance, Cleanup & Superfund, Labor Law

William D. Girardot

Real Estate, Estate Planning, Estate, Business

William D. Girardot

Real Estate, Energy, Business Organization, Banking & Finance

WILLIAM D. GIRARDOT was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan -- attending high school at the University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy.&nbs... (more)

Construction, Contract, Credit & Debt, Employment, Estate Planning, Family Law, Franchising, Insurance, International, Labor Law, Litigation, Patent, Wills & Probate, Products Liability, Real Estate, Tax, Trusts, Wills

Stark Reagan PC
1111 W Long Lake Rd,Suite 202
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1111 W Long Lake Rd,Suite 202
Troy, MI 48098

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