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Alan Lescht & Associates PC Featured ✓

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Alan Lescht

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Employment Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Employment Contracts, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Employee Rights

Described by clients as "exceptional" and "a true lawyer's lawyer", Alan Lescht has long been recognized as one of the best employment lawyers in Washington, DC. Newsweek... (more)

Retaliation Cases, Employment Disputes, Arbitration and Mediation, Employment Law Consultations, Whistleblower Claims, Obamacare: The Affordable Care Act

"I had a work related issue that required a phenomenal attorney, and that was Alan, Lescht , his firm worked with me to resolve my work issue. Rani who was a Shareholder in the firm, worked on my case and did a great job of keeping me in the loop of what was happening with my case, she kept me up to date on all hearings, issues and all information I needed to make an informed decision at every turn in my case. Joyce who is the office manager, was very helpful in answering many questions that I had when I called the firm. It was great working with this team this is a law firm that knows how to get results in a timely manner. One of the many things I liked about working with this firm is that their response time was the best they responded late at night, weekends, early mornings, it didn't matter they kept me in the loop of what was happening in my case. All I can say is thanks for a job well done."

  1 month ago     Jerry Allison

"I hired Alan Lescht & Associates almost 2 years ago to help me find justice when I was terminated after disclosing my pregnancy. My case was dragged out for longer than any of expected but not once did this firm back down. They helped me until the very end, always keeping me posted with updates and the status of my case. After a long battle and a lot of going back and forth I was very happy with the results. I'd recommend them to anyone."

  4 months ago     Kristina Miller

"When I reached out to Mr. Alan Lescht for advise, I was confused, uncertain, and pessimistic about my situation. I was in my job for long years and to my surprise I was unlawfully terminated. Mr. Lescht reinstalled my confidence with a few wise words and advised me to go and get another job and worry about this later! He was right, when I came back to his office a few months later I was extremely impressed with the level of service, zeal, and accuracy his office exhibited through out the process. My case was not an easy case and the opponents played tough but Mr. Lescht associates were caring, firm, honest, and comforted me throughout the process. If you are looking for a strong representation to work with you I strongly recommend Mr. Lescht's office."

  5 months ago     Abdulrahman Nashnoush

"Alan Lescht is a phenomenal attorney and an even better human being. He guided me through a difficult case against my employer and I am so happy to say that we came out of it as victors!"

  3 months ago     dieynaba sall

"Lescht is a wonderful man, KNOWS EVERYONE, and works very hard for his clients. If your nerves are frayed and there is employment-related harassment or you need assistance at a hearing, etc., Alan Lescht is the attorney for you. Lescht is worth his weight in gold."

  4 months ago     I SPY FBI


1050 NW 17th Street
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Washington, DC 20036


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