3 Reasons to Consider Getting a Prenuptial Agreement

by David Betz on May. 10, 2023

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Summary: Here are four reasons you may want to consider a prenuptial agreement: To Protect Generational Wealth and Your Estate, To Protect Yourself From Your Partner's Debts, and to Reduce Financial Drama.

While prenuptial agreements were long thought to be between rich and famous couples, prenups are steadily making their way into the mainstream. A prenup details the division of wealth and assets in the event of a divorce. While it may seem outrageous during the honeymoon phase of marriage, a prenup creates the basis for a prosperous future after the divorce.


Here are four reasons you may want to consider a prenuptial agreement.


To Protect Generational Wealth and Your Estate 


Passing wealth over several generations has been an age-old practice. It would be a shame if you broke the cycle by losing your generational assets in a divorce. A prenuptial agreement guarantees that all generational assets stay with you should you and your partner go separate ways. You can keep your estate distinct from communal marital assets and carry out your estate plan to your exact wishes. Without a prenup, you risk losing it all or a considerable portion of it to your partner in the divorce.


To Protect Yourself From Your Partner's Debts


Financial issues are the country's fifth leading cause of divorce, and your partner's debt could impact you. People with impulsive spending and overspending habits are likely to get into massive debt. The same goes for people with gambling addictions.


Your partner's car loan, mortgage, or credit card debt could spill over to you in the event of a divorce. This includes loans, credit cards, and other debts. A prenup outlines the management of these debts should you divorce, so everyone retains their own debt burden.


Reduces Financial Drama


A prenuptial agreement helps exclude emotions from financial issues in the marriage by clearly stipulating the resolution of financial matters. This saves both parties a heap of drama and ensures everyone gets what they deserve. It also eliminates the animosity characteristic of unfair divorce alimonies and asset divisions.


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