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What is "Revenge Porn" and Why Is It Serious?
Now that we live in the digital age, we realize that the internet is not written in pencil, but ink - meaning once something is published online, it is there to stay. Until now. It is now a felony in Nevada and several other states to post what is known as "Revenge Porn."
Matter of D-K-: A Great Leap Forward in Refugee Jurisprudence?
In a landmark opinion, the Board incorrectly rectified new refugee adjustment procedures announced in an earlier unpublished decision.
Conditional Admission and other Mysteries
This article examines the legal rights of admitted refugees and asylees.
Can I be fired because of my tattoos?
Tattoos are freedom of expressions, right? As long as you are of age you have a legal right to decorate your skin. While this right is derived from privacy and freedom of speech, does this right to expression translate to a business environment? Could you even be fired for showing your tattoos?
Disability Access Litigation Still Needed
Mark Potter, a civil rights attorney, describes his experience over the past 19 years. Provides an overview of the challenges facing persons with disabilities and benefits of disability access litigation.
When can I be searched without a warrant?
FAQ about searches when no warrant is present.
What is WRONG with VAWA?
Definition of VAWA, violence against women act
What Real Estate Professionals Should Know About Fair Housing Laws
A summary of federal and Florida fair housing laws for landlords and real estate professionals, including how to avoid violations
Attorney's Fees [Fee-Shifting to Losing Defendant]
Chapter in MSBA Maryland Employment Law Deskbook, 2014, on Attorney's Fees [Fee-Shifting Against Losing Defendant]
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