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Collaborative Law: A Structured Resolution Out of Court
An overview of the Collaborative Law model approach to alternative dispute resolution.
Property Division: Community Property Versus Equitable Distribution
This CLE provides comparisons between Community Property Jurisdictions and Equitable Distribution Jurisdictions for legal practitioners.
"Do we need a Will, we have no assets"
If you have minor children, you need a Will. This article explains the reasons why.
Your Estate Plan and Your Safe Deposit Box
If you have an estate plan and a safe deposit box (SDB) you may be wondering one of two things. First, can (and should) you re-title your SDB in the name of your trust? Second, is your SDB a good place to keep your estate plan documents?
Special Needs and Income Taxes
Are you the family member or caretaker of an individual with special needs, or an individual with special needs? If you or your loved one, as an individual with special needs, meets the government definition of “disabled,” you may be able to take advantage of tax benefits for related expenses.
A Change in the Law: Funeral Representatives
As of June 27, 2016, Michigan law allows you to formally identify a Funeral Representative who has the authority to make your final arrangements regarding your funeral, memorial service, cremation and/or burial.
Refunds for Booked Travel in the Event of Death
We previously wrote about the opportunity to pass unused reward miles or points to loved ones in the event of death, but what happens when someone passes away with travel that is already booked?
Choosing a Guardian and Conservator for Your Minor Children
For parents of minor children, there is perhaps no more important decision in estate planning than deciding who will care for your children if both you and your spouse were to die or become incapacitated.
Biggest Estate Planning Mistake
Don't end up like Prince! Did you know that 55% of Americans die without a will?
Seven Steps To Your Estate Plan
This blog post from my website, discusses the basic steps everyone should take when creating their estate plan.
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