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Long-term Effects of TBI - Chicago Car Accident Lawyer
Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) can have both short-term effects and long-term effects.
Catastrophic Injuries in High Speed Accidents - Chicago Car Accident Attorney
If you or someone close to you has sustained catastrophic injuries as a result of a high speed car accident, you may be entitled to compensation.
Types of Car Accident Injuries and What to Do
Injuries from car accidents are varied in number and intensity. Educate yourself so that you can fully treat and get back to full health.
Workers Compensation for Respiratory Diseases - St. Louis Injury Lawyer
Workers in the United States are at risk of developing a variety of occupational illnesses. Exposure to hazardous work environments like toxins, improper ergonomics, poor quality of air, dangerous work-related equipment, etc. can all lead to many debilitating conditions.
Injured in a Car Accident on I-35E?
If you or someone you know was injured on Interstate 35E, you may be able to file an accident claim to recover money damages that will pay for your hospital bills, lost wages, emotional pain and other damages.
Cost of Treating Traumatic Brain Injuries - Chicago Car Accident Lawyers
Due to the complex nature of traumatic brain injuries, combined with the exorbitant costs of treatment, it is essential that victims of TBI or the victim’s family recover compensation for the injuries and related losses.
Rear End Collision Accidents - St. Louis Car Accident Attorney
Rear end collisions often lead to more serious injuries than we think, the most common of them being the whiplash.
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Damages Available in a Benzene Lawsuit
Did you develop a disease after benzene exposure? Did you know that you may be eligible to file a claim? Every state has different damages available for benzene injuries and wrongful death claims.
Harvard Surgeon Seeks to Ban Power Morcellation
In October 2013, Dr. Amy Reed, an anesthesiologist at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston, underwent a routine hysterectomy at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston to remove benign fibroids.
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