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Which Telemarketing and Junk Texts & Faxes Are Illegal?
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) protects consumers against telemarketers, as well as junk texts and faxes. If you have received an automated call, fax, or text message without providing explicit consent to the company, you may be entitled to $500 per call, text or fax.
Insurance Bad Faith Litigation
summary of Idaho and national bad faith insurance litigation
The 40 Cent fight
NRS 629.061 limits what a hospital and/or doctor can charge for medical records. Sometimes, its worth the fight.
Misc. California Decisions re: Phone and Texting Solicitations, and RedBox Data Collection
Misc. California Decisions re: Phone and Texting Solicitations, and RedBox Data Collection
What You Should Know About Asset Protection
A review of basic asset protection considerations in Florida and how to legally and ethically shield assets from potential creditor claims
The Homeowner’s Rights to Surplus Funds Following a Foreclosure Sale
A review of Florida law on surplus funds following a foreclosure sale and how the homeowner may be able to claim the money
The Foreclosure Crisis—Where We Have Been, Where We Are Now and What Lies Ahead
An Overview of the Past, Present and Future of the Foreclosure Crisis
What is a Strategic Default and When is it an Appropriate Decision?
An overview of the strategic default option for distressed mortgage borrowers. This article discusses what is a "strategic default," along with its risks, benefits and consequences to help consumers make an informed decision.
Types of Product Defect-Injury Claims
In this article, you will learn about the three different types of product defect-injury claims: Defectively Manufactured Products, Defectively Designed Products, Failure to Provide Adequate Warnings or Instructions
Wearable Technological Devices: a New Tool in Personal Injury Law
In recent years, wearable technological devices such as the Fitbit have evolved as a popular tool to track steps, miles, calories burned, heart rate, and similar information related to physical activity.

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