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Important Employment Law Info for Orange County Employees
Employment regulations preside over the rights and duties existing between employers and their employees. Employment law is also commonly known as labor law, and it contains rules that are principally created to safeguard the safety of workers.
Work-Related Injury Risks Faced by Missouri Teachers
Missouri teachers are exposed to many different risks on the job.
St. Louis Workers Compensation for an Ulnar Nerve Injury
Workers with ulnar nerve injuries that occurred at work, or due to the scope of their job, can generally claim workers compensation benefits.
Bodily Reaction Work-Related Injuries - Workers Comp Attorney St. Louis
Bodily reaction is the way that your body responds to an external influence or a medication.
Most Common Office Injuries - St. Louis Work Injury Lawyer
If you have suffered an injury in your office, you might be entitled to workers compensation benefits.
Chicago Sexual Discrimation Lawyer
A manager could merely be basing his actions on subconscious biases or stereotypes, prompting a subtle and unintentional form of harassment while some managers could condition employment benefits based on sexual favors, prompting an intentional and significant form of harassment.
Employment Discrimination
The firm handles many racial discrimination and harassment cases for employees who have been subjected to a hostile work environment as a result of their race these terms must adhere to according to the law.
Chicago Employment Lawyer
Lisa Kane & Associates represent employees in select employment law matters.
Workplace Injury Risks Facing Hospitality Workers - Missouri Attorney
Accidents can happen even when all necessary precautions are taken. Workers should be well aware of their rights to benefits should they get injured on the job.
Construction Workers Deserve a Safe Workplace - St. Louis Work Injury Lawyer
Although construction sites are dangerous places to work, employers have a legal obligation to provide a reasonably safe work environment to construction workers.
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