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What Judges Want - Hon. Brad Karren
An interview with the Hon. Judge Brad Karren, Benton County, Arkansas
Don't Be A Victim Of Fraud
Here are some tips on how to avoid being a fraud victim
Understanding Your Rights as a Disabled Person in the Workplace
Thriving in a workplace oriented around the capabilities of able-bodied individuals is challenging enough without facing issues related to discrimination, but alas, workplace bias against disabled persons remains a common occurrence in American society.
Comprehensive Durable Power Of Attorney
If you became incapacitated, who would pay your bills, protect your assets and obtain long-term care and government benefits for you? The most common answer is: “I have joint bank accounts with my spouse or children, so they can handle all of that.”
Settling Personal Injury Claims Without A Lawyer: Is It Right For You?
Though many people believe that they will take home a greater sum if they try to settle their personal injury claims without paying a lawyer's fee, in reality this is seldom the case.
Wills, living trusts to avoid probate and power of attorneys are important. Guardinships and Conservatorships may be necessary. Income Qualifying Trusts for Medicaid may be necessary. Veterans and surviving spouses may be entitled to V.A. Aid and Attendance.
Dealing With Speaking Objections In Trial
Identifying and dealing with speaking objections in the courtroom
Attorneys Fees as a Sanction for Frivolous Conduct
Attorneys Fees as a Sanction for Frivolous Conduct
What's the Deal With Free Consultations, and Can I Have One?
One of the most frequent questions we receive at the beginning of our potential relationship with a client is "Does your firm offer free consultations?" In this article, we explain our position.
Arizona Bankruptcy Exemptions
Morgan McCain is an associate attorney with My AZ Lawyers, PLC. His practice areas include bankruptcy law, estate planning and probate law. He is admitted to practice law in all state and federal courts in Arizona.
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