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What am I looking at? An explanation of the Pennsylvania Sentencing Guidelines
An explanation of how to use the Pennsylvania sentencing guidelines
Slaying the Speaking Objection Dragon
We wrote this article to help all trial lawyers identify and deal with the problem of speaking objections in trial.
Leading the Way
The law and procedural rules allow us to make a strategic decision to call hostile witnesses in our case at trial. With preparation, this strategy can be of great benefit.
Virginia Campus Assault Laws – Who’s Protecting You?
Hannah Graham was a University of Virginia student who vanished after going out to dinner and two college parties with friends. The man charged with her murder was a suspect in two other sexual assault cases on college campuses, but was never convicted.
Stuck Behind Bars Without Bond?
Three men were charged with a shooting on Virginia’s Interstate 264 at around 1:40 a.m. A Ford Fiesta was believed to have been the make of the car from which the shots were fired.
Reckless Driving Can Land You in Jail
Robert Griffin Jr., the father of Robert Griffin III (the quarterback for the Washington Redskins) was charged and convicted of reckless driving. He will serve 10 days in jail in Hampton, Virginia for driving 115 mph on Interstate 64.
Tightening Up Virginia’s Gun Laws
Virginia is no stranger to gun violence. One of the most tragic gun massacres occurred at Virginia Tech in 2007.
Nationwide Pimp Bust
The FBI recently conducted a nationwide human trafficking operation that arrested 153 alleged pimps.
one leg stand test
the one leg stand test
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the walk and turn test
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