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What is "Revenge Porn" and Why Is It Serious?
Now that we live in the digital age, we realize that the internet is not written in pencil, but ink - meaning once something is published online, it is there to stay. Until now. It is now a felony in Nevada and several other states to post what is known as "Revenge Porn."
Breathalyzers and Field Sobriety Tests should always be refused because they make your case stronger if refused for the right reasons -- because they are faulty.
Registration of Convicted Felons; when a withhold of adjudication actually constitutes a conviction
Even though a withhold of adjudication isn't a criminal conviction within the state of Florida, registration requirements exist affecting people granted a withhold.
Federal vs. State
Why defending the accused in California courts gives Mr. Shemaria an edge over criminal defense attorneys who limit their practice to state court.
United States Sentencing Guidelines
Overview & What You Need to Know about United States Sentencing Guidelines.
Federal Criminal Defense Myths
Find out the myths of federal criminal defense.
Changes in Minnesota Expungement Law
The Minnesota Legislature has passed a law which gives judges more leeway to permanently shield the records of reformed criminal offenders. The bill was signed into law by Gov. Mark Dayton on May 14, 2014.
DWI vs. Careless Driving
DWI vs. Careless Driving. What's the difference?
Restore your license - what to do after two or more DUIs in Michigan
Are you eligible to have your license restored in Michigan? The Secretary of State will hold a hearing for you once it is requested, but you should prepare for that hearing with the assistance of an attorney. I will help you prepare for the hearing and compile the paperwork. Flat fee!
Traffic Fatalities Expected to Rise Labor Day Weekend
There tend to be an increase in car accidents over Labor Day Weekend.
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