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Watertown – Fourth Amendment Exceptions
An analysis of the exceptions to the Warrant requirement for the searches of nearby homes after the Boston Marathon Bombing.
How Domestic Violence Affects Custody in Orange County
Where a person is dealing with issues of domestic violence, the first step to take would be to safeguard the safety of the child concerned. If you feel that the minor is in direct danger, one should visit the police station immediately or go to court
Trespass warnings prohibit you from returning to a casino
If you receive a trespass warning citation from security at a hotel or casino you will be either arrested or cited again if you return to the premises.
Advanced Texas Occupational Driver's License Law
Texas Occupational License laws are surprisingly complicated and often neglected by lawyers and judges. This articles covers some of the more intricate and frequently encountered topics in an Occupational License practice.
Parental Discipline Defense in Massachusetts
Parental discipline is a defense to assault and battery and other charges in Massachusetts
Can a Drug Dealer be Charged with Murder for an Overdose Death?
Prosecutors have been getting tough on drug dealers whose customers die from drug overdosing. Heroin dealers have been targeted as cases of heroin users overdosing have been on the rise nationwide.
DUI and Traffic Crimes in Santa Ana
Recent news reports suggest that the police in Santa Ana are focusing on gang violence, but the Gang Unit is only a small part of the Department. Most people who need a lawyer after a arrest are being prosecuted for DUI, domestic violence, and other crimes that send people in search of an attorney.
A Guide To California White Collar Crimes
Your guide to "white collar crimes".
What Is Considered A Felony DUI Charge in California?
A first, second, or third offense DUI is typically charged as a misdemeanor, although certain aggravating factors can result in a felony charge.
Are Millennials Paving the Way in Law?
Attorney for the Millennials.
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