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Advanced Texas Occupational Driver's License Law
Texas Occupational License laws are surprisingly complicated and often neglected by lawyers and judges. This articles covers some of the more intricate and frequently encountered topics in an Occupational License practice.
Maryland Traffic Citations - How a molehill becomes a mountain !!!!!!!
The dangers of not complying with a Maryland Traffic Citation
Insurance Companies Work Hard To Not Pay Diminished Value Claims
Don't let insurance companies fool you, contact an Ohio diminished value attorney if uncertain about your vehicle damages.
Just How Fast is too Fast When Traveling the New York State Thruway
Many of us travel on the New York State Thruway for various reasons. Whether you are a NYS resident commuting for work or an out-of-stater just passing through for travel purposes, you will notice that the posted speed limit on the thruway is well documented at 65 miles per hour (mph).
Fight Your Traffic Ticket
How to fight your own traffic ticket.
Illinois Cell Phone Penalties and Traffic Tickets
Eating. Smoking. Fiddling with the radio. Entering your destination on GPS. Entertaining children. Carrying on conversation. There are numerous ways that a driver may become distracted, but none compares to the use of a cell phone.
New York State DMV Regulations Affecting DWI and Relicensing
Brief explanation of revised New York DMV regulations applicable to alcohol and/or drug related convictions.
Speeding Citations in North Carolina
Speeding citations as misdemeanors...not so simple matters.
Basic Overview of Drunk Driving Laws in Massachusetts
The Danger of Medical Marijuana on Illinois Roads
Illinois joined the growing group of states to allow the use of medical marijuana.
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