3 Times You Should Call a Criminal Defense Attorney

by Michael James Tortora on Dec. 10, 2018


Summary: Being charged with a crime means facing a team of professional investigators and prosecutors whose only jobs are to collect evidence and build a case against you.

Being charged with a crime means facing a team of professional investigators and prosecutors whose only jobs are to collect evidence and build a case against you. While they may appear sympathetic and encourage you to cooperate, a criminal defense attorney is the only person in the justice system committed to protecting your interests. Below are a few situations in which a criminal lawyer’s expertise can be vital for achieving the best possible outcome.

3 Situations That Call for a Criminal Defense Attorney

1. You’re Under Investigation

criminal defenseMany people wait until they’ve been formally charged to contact a lawyer, but a legal representative can provide critical insight even in the earliest stages of the investigation. During questioning, they’ll help you avoid acting against your best interests or undermining your defense. While your attorney can’t always prevent an arrest, they may influence what charges the prosecutor files and what evidence is admissible.

2. You’ve Been Arrested

When you’re under arrest, always call a criminal defense lawyer before submitting to a police interview. In addition to ensuring your rights were upheld during the arrest, a lawyer will also guide you through the interrogation and begin formulating a strategy.

3. Your Case Is Going to Trial

Hiring a criminal defense attorney early in the process gives them time to develop familiarity with the case. However, if you’ve gone without representation up until the arraignment stage, it’s not too late to secure competent representation. An attorney may be able to prevent a trial altogether by negotiating a more favorable plea agreement. Otherwise, they will identify the best defense to argue your case in court.


No matter what charges you face, The Tortora Law Firm, LLC will provide the zealous representation and personalized attention you deserve. They’ve fought on behalf of Connecticut residents facing a broad range of criminal offenses in New Haven and Fairfield Counties for more than 20 years. 

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