30 Top Reasons for Denied Life insurance Claims

by Christian K. Lassen on Mar. 13, 2018

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Summary: Learn the 30 Top Reasons for Denied Life insurance Claims

Top 30 Reasons Why Life Insurance Claims are Denied

 There are countless reasons a life insurance company will deny claims. 

 #1. Life insurance policy lapse

#2 Material misrepresentation 

#3 Type of death excluded from life insurance policy

#4 Failure to submit waiver of premium by employer

#5 Lack of designation on life insurance beneficiary

#6 Beneficiary change on life insurance policy after divorce

#7 State statue revocation of life insurance policy due to divorce

#8 Alcohol exclusion 

#9 Drug exclusion 

#10 Suicide exclusion 

#11 Self-inflicted injury exclusion 

#12 Beneficiary of life insurance policy is a minor

#13 Life insurance policy included in trust or will

#14 Spouse not named as a beneficiary 

#15 Child not named as a beneficiary 

#16 Life insurance policy did not name a beneficiary

#17 Only a primary beneficiary was named

#18 Dispute between life insurance beneficiaries

#19 Incorrect information listed on application

#20 Life insurance premiums were not paid on time

#21 Required documentation not provided to insurance company

#22 Life insurance denied due to preexisting condition

#23 Murder exclusion 

#24 Autoerotic asphyxiation exclusion

#25 Omission on life insurance application

#26 If AD&D policy, death not accidental but a fall or overdose

#27 Health related denial 

#28 Policy clause which disallows payment

#29 Age listed incorrectly on application

#30 Social security number not listed correctly on application

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