3M Earplugs-Not Protecting Those Protecting Us

by Eric Alan Stamps on Aug. 26, 2021

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Summary: The military used 3M earplugs for the military members from 2003-2015. Many of those protecting us were not protected by the earplugs. Hearing loss and/or tinnitus is rampant among military members because of the errors by 3M. It is important to hold 3M accountable and get the compensation our brave men and women of the military deserve.

3M Earplugs-Not Protecting Those Protecting Us

1. What are 3M Earplugs?  
From 2003-2015 the military used earplugs from 3M for our servicemen and servicewomen. The earplugs were suppose to protect the hearing of each military member while they are around loud noises. 

2.  What are the Concerns of 3M Earplugs?  
The 3M earplugs did not properly protect the hearing of those who are protecting us. The design didn’t adequately prevent hearing loss and/or tinnitus. 

3. What Medical Issues have been Linked with 3M Earplugs? HEARING LOSS/TINNITUS
There have been many links between hearing loss/tinnitus to the use of 3M earplug us amongst military members. 

4. What is the main manufacture Earplugs?  

5. When to contact us if you have been Injured by 3M Earplugs!
Immediately. Time is limited to file a claim. If you or someone you love, was a military member between 2003-2015 and later diagnosed with hearing loss and/or tinnitus.
6. What are the requirements of the injured party/family? 
Cooperation. Most of the work is handled by the legal team. The individual or family usually has little time devoted to the case. The legal team handles the case so you can focus your time on treatment and doing what you love.  

7. What damages are Sought?
Medical cost, lost wages, pain and suffering, etc.  

8. Do these cases generally settle or do most go to trial?  
Most settle. 
The manufacturers usually understand the vast cost of having thousands of trial and jury verdicts so they want to reach a settlement. 
9. If I can’t afford to pay a lawyer, will you still help me?  
Of course. We are here to help people and our fees are based upon winning for you and your family. When you collect, we get paid.  

10. What sets your firm apart in handling these cases? 
Compassion and knowledge. 
We care about each client and family. We will turn over every stone looking for the best outcome for you and your family. You can be confident you’re in good hands.  

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