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by Christopher Hoffmann on Dec. 29, 2017

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Summary: The steps you take after an accident can either help or hurt your case. Make sure not to make these five common mistakes that can leave you holding the financial bag for both your injuries and damages.

Missouri is a comparative law state, which means that both parties who are involved in an auto accident can be found partially responsible and liable for paying for any damages and injuries. Unlike at-fault states, which hold just one party responsible, comparative law allows both parties to be assigned a portion or percentage of the responsibility according to whatever negligence they contributed to the accident. Negligence means that the driver either did something to cause the accident, or they didn’t do something they should have, and it resulted in the accident.


If you are in an accident, there are things you can do to help you get the compensation you are entitled to, and then there are things that you can do to hurt your case. It is imperative that you know which is which before you take any steps that could end up costing you. These are the five most common mistakes that people make that hurt their car accident case.


Not Getting a Police Report


Many people who think that an accident is minor and just a fender bender fail to get a police report on record. A police report may not be admissible in a court of law, but it is an excellent tool for your St. Louis car accident attorney if there are any questions about who is liable, as well as to what extent they contributed to the car accident. A police report can help your attorney succesfully negotiate a settlement.

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Not Getting the Other Driver's Information


If you are in an accident, it is imperative that you get information from anyone who was involved in the accident. Getting someone’s first and last name is not enough. You will want to get their full name, their driver’s license number, and their insurance information.

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Not Seeking Medical Treatment


Often, the injuries sustained in a car accident don’t surface immediately. That is why many people assume they have just a little soreness and don’t get the medical attention they need. Those minor injuries can become major pretty quickly. To develop causality and to prove that your injuries were related directly to the accident, you will want to get medical treatment immediately, even for minor cuts and bruises, just in case.

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Thinking the Insurance Company Has Your Best Interests in Mind


All too often people assume that the insurance company has the victim’s best interests at heart. The reality is that their job is to minimize their own costs. That is why it is crucial that you hire a St. Louis car accident attorney to negotiate your case and make sure that you don’t sign any settlement unless it is a fair and equitable offer.


Not Hiring an Attorney


If you don’t know what you are entitled to, how will you make the best decision about what offer to accept? One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to not seek the advice of a St. Louis car accident attorney if you are in a car accident.


The steps you take after an accident can either help or hurt your case. Make sure not to make these five common mistakes that can leave you holding the financial bag for both your injuries and damages.



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