5 Steps You Should Follow Immediately After Getting Into An Auto Accident.

by Evan A. Breaux on Aug. 25, 2017

 General Practice 

Summary: If you have been in an auto accident, here are FIVE STEPS (5) that you should take immediately to protect yourself and to ensure that justice is served.

If you have been in an auto accident, here are FIVE STEPS (5) that you should take immediately to protect yourself and to ensure that justice is served.

  2. TAKE PICTURES. Take a picture of the vehicles involved EXACTLY WHERE THEY WERE POSITIONED DUE TO THE ACCIDENT.  The reason for this is in case of a liability (fault) dispute, pictures can be very helpful in liability determination.  Next, take a picture of the license plate of the other vehicle involved in the accident.  The experienced attorneys of Darryl Breaux & Associates have the technology to run a license plate to see if there is any automobile insurance covering the vehicle associated with the accident.
  3. CALL THE POLICE.  The police accident report is a very important part of personal injury claims resulting from an automobile accident.  Once you call the police, they will arrive at the scene and take statements from the drivers of the vehicles, from the passengers of the vehicles involved, and from witnesses. The police officer will then generate a police report with all of the parties’ insurance information, their vehicular information, and their biographical information.  This police report will be used by both our office and the respective insurance adjusters to determine fault and to obtain all the necessary insurance information relevant to the case.
  4. EXCHANGE INFORMATION. You should obtain the following information from the other driver: 1) name, 2) driver’s license, 3) name of vehicle insurance company and policy number, and 4) vehicle registration information.  Gathering this vital information protects you in the event that the driver flees before the police arrive at the scene.  DB&A can then use this information to begin your claim.
  5. CALL THE LAW OFFICE OF DARRYL BREAUX & ASSOCIATES. Our exceptional attorneys will discuss your next steps and all of your options.  You can reach us 24/7 using our 24-hour phone line 

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