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7 Expenses to Include in a Car Accident Lawsuit

by Daryl J. Walker on Jul. 19, 2018

Accident & Injury 

Summary: Life is very chaotic after an accident. With all that is involved in the recovery of an injury, it is difficult to stay organized. However, it's important to keep everything organized because detailed records make a difference when you file your lawsuit.

Life is very chaotic after an accident. With all that is involved in the recovery of an injury, it is difficult to stay organized. However, it's important to keep everything organized because detailed records make a difference when you file your lawsuit. Because the trauma of a car accident can leave people rattled, here's a reminder of what your lawsuit should include.

1. Recover Lost Property

Auto accidents involve more personal losses than just the vehicle. Laptops, child safety seats, cell phones, and jewelry are also covered. Any personal items that went missing or were destroyed due to the accident should be included. Photographs of the damaged items help to strengthen the claim. 

2. Include Lost Income

The victim is eligible for the recovery of all lost wages due to the accident - including the difference between a previous salary and their potential disability payments. Tax returns prior to the accident and current bank statements help to prove the extent of your loss. 

3. Remember Future Costs

Immediate medical care after a serious accident is usually only part of the lifetime cost of recovery. Include all recovery expenses related to the event. This is not just the cost of the care itself, but also additional lost work and transportation expenses due to rehabilitation and doctor appointments. 
Long-term expenses are difficult for patients to determine on their own. Discuss the case with a physical therapist, doctor, or surgeon and ask them to document current and future treatment plans. Always follow the orders of your medical team and keep all receipts, notices, and other paperwork related to the appointments. 

4. Document Special Equipment

Medical devices like crutches and heating pads, as well as supplies like gauze, bandages, and over-thecounter pain relievers, add up over time and should be included. Track purchases like custom orthopedics, adaptive equipment for the home, and other required remodels.
Hold on to any home improvement contracts or bills for completed to make the house accessible. Take photographs before and after any project to show the extent of the effort required to make the home functional. Do not throw out any purchased equipment before the case is settled - even if it is no longer needed. 

5. Calculate Special Services

Additional assistance is often needed following an accident. Home health care to treat injuries and provide therapy is covered - as are many other types of assistance. People that are suddenly immobile may need additional day care services, housekeepers, and someone to run errands for them. 

6. Detail Life Changes

The loss of participating in a favorite hobby or activity and even the loss of a romantic relationship with a spouse or partner is a recoverable item as well. It is difficult to put a specific price on these things, but they are legally allowed to be included in a lawsuit. 
Add to the case by showing how important these events were to your life. Show photographs of bowling trophies or proof of the marathons you once entered. A previous painting, woodworking project, or knitted item is also something tangible that could demonstrate the extent of your loss. 

7. Explain Emotional Changes

The trauma caused by a serious accident is something that people experience for years. It may appear as depression, anxiety, or loss of sleep. The inability to drive or ride comfortably in a vehicle prevents people from living fully. 
Another consideration, one that is both physical and emotional, is a personal disfigurement. Physical changes affect self-confidence and may lead to depression or anxiety. All of these emotional injuries should also be included in a lawsuit.  
Every accident is different and the expenses will vary in a number of ways. Not everyone has all of the expenses listed here, and there may be others that are not included. Attorneys help people to remember what they have experienced and lost. A prepared individual with documents for proof will have fewer delays and a better chance of getting the justice they deserve.

At the Daryl J. Walker Law Firm, we know that auto accidents are frightening and painful events. We offer knowledgeable and respectful services to help people through this difficult time. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.

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