8 Signs You Haven't Recovered After a St. Louis Car Wreck

by Christopher Hoffmann on May. 26, 2016

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Summary: In this post we will discuss some signs that you have not completely recovered from your accident and are in need of additional help.

Being in a car accident can be devastating, especially if you have suffered serious injuries. In the aftermath of the accident, you may feel angry, upset, anxious, or frightened. In many cases, victims of car accidents, recover completely, however, in some cases, recovery can be long and painful. If you have been in an accident, you should stay alert for the signs that all might not be well, and you need support. In this post, our St. Louis car wreck lawyer will discuss some telltale signs that you have not completely healed from your car accident, and that you need additional help:

Lack of interest in daily activities: If you no longer want to engage in your hobbies, or even get out of the bed and go about your everyday activities, you may be suffering from depression. You should consider counseling or joining a support group to overcome the mental trauma.

Mood swings: Car accidents can have lasting emotional effects. Initially, you may feel that your mood swings are normal, but as time passes, you may still find yourself struggling with your emotions. If so, you may consider counseling or therapy.

Relationship problems: If your relationships are suffering and you are pulling away from your family and friends, it may be because of the emotional trauma of the accident.

Sleep disorders: Interrupted sleep, extended periods of sleep, and insomnia are all sleep disorders. If you are experiencing any of these, or you feel fatigued during the day, you may want to seek help. It could be because of an underlying, undiagnosed physical injury or emotional trauma resulting from the accident.

Flashbacks, anxiety: Most car accident victims get flashbacks or experience anxiety and panic attacks, however, these often fade with time. However, if this anxiety starts affecting your normal life, you should seek help.

Memory and concentration problems: You should seek medical attention if you are having trouble concentrating or experiencing memory problems. It may be because of a head injury that you suffered in the car accident.

Headaches or other types of pains: If you are having any physical symptoms such as headaches, dizziness or any other pains or aches, you should seek urgent medical attention. You may not have experienced any symptoms immediately after the accident, but you may start experiencing them days or even weeks following the accident. The injuries that appear late should be treated immediately. It might be a traumatic brain injury.

Thoughts of self-harm: Feeling of hopelessness or helplessness, or thoughts of self- harm should be addressed immediately. These feelings cold be a result of the emotional trauma resulting from the car accident, and can be addressed with the help of counseling and therapy.

Car accidents can have lasting effects. So, it is important that when you file a claim for compensation, you should take into account mental and emotional effects as well. It is best to seek help from a competent St Louis Car Crash Lawyer. If you have been injured in a St. Louis auto accident call (314) 361-4242 to speak with an experienced accident attorney today.

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