9 Hidden Costs After A Riverside Car Crash

author by Mona Deldar on Jun. 20, 2024

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Summary: Learn about the hidden costs of a Riverside car crash. Find out how to be frugal and contact a personal injury attorney today if you're hurt!

When a Riverside car crash occurs, the immediate focus is on the physical injuries and the damage to the vehicles involved. However, many hidden costs can present themselves in the days, weeks and months following the accident. This adds a financial strain to an already stressful situation. Understanding these hidden costs can help you better prepare and take the necessary steps to mitigate them. Here are nine hidden costs that you might encounter after a Riverside car crash:


1. Tow Service


After a Riverside car crash, the first unexpected expense you might face is the cost of towing your vehicle from the accident scene. Depending on the distance and the towing company’s rates, this service can cost anywhere from $75 to $200 or more . In some cases, your insurance might cover this expense, but not always. Additionally, if the car is towed to a storage facility, daily storage fees can add up quickly.


2. Traffic Ticket


If you were found at fault or if there were any traffic violations involved in the crash, you might receive a traffic ticket. The fines for these tickets can range from $150 to over $1,000, depending on the violation's severity. These tickets can lead to increased insurance premiums and points on your driving record, which can affect your driving privileges and future insurance costs.


3. Car Repairs


Even a minor Riverside car crash can result in significant repair costs. The average cost of car repairs after an accident depends on the situation. Repair costs can include parts replacement, paint jobs, and labor fees, which add up quickly. Moreover, certain types of damage, such as frame damage, can be particularly costly and may affect the vehicle’s safety and resale value. AAA's car repair cost estimator is a tool that may be helpful in calculating your damages.


4. Vehicle Rental


If your vehicle is totaled or requires extensive repairs, you might need to rent a car for an extended period. If repairs take weeks or even months, these costs can escalate significantly, adding to the financial burden. Some insurance policies cover rental car expenses, but there may be limits on the amount covered and the duration of coverage. TripAdvisor estimates the average cost to rent a car in California is $167 per day.


5. Vehicle Titling & Registration


In the event your car is totaled and you need to buy a new one, you’ll face the costs of titling and registering the new vehicle. These fees vary by year, make, and model of your vehicle. This is an added expense that many don’t anticipate after a Riverside car crash. On top of that, there may be sales tax and other fees associated with purchasing a new vehicle, further increasing the cost.


6. Higher Auto Insurance


One of the long-term hidden costs of a Riverside car crash is the potential increase in your auto insurance premiums. After an accident, especially if you are found at fault, your insurance rates can increase significantly. In 2022, the Insurance Information Institute (III) reports the average collision claim was $5,992. Drivers can expect their premiums to rise after an accident. This increase can last for several years, compounding the financial impact of the crash.


7. Medical Bills


Even with health insurance, medical bills can pile up quickly after a Riverside car crash. Costs can include emergency room visits, hospital stays, surgeries, and follow-up appointments. Depending on the severity of the injuries, medical expenses can run into thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. This is one of the most unpredictable financial factors people face following a vehicle accident. Injuries wary on a wide range from minor whiplash and concussion symptoms to broken bones and permanent paralysis.


8. Lost Wages


Some people experience a loss of income because their injuries prevent them from working. This can be a huge problem, especially if you have ongoing medical expenses. The amount of lost wages can vary widely depending on your salary and the length of time you are unable to work. This loss can be particularly devastating for those who are self-employed or don't have access to disability benefits.


9. Rehabilitation Costs


Long-term rehabilitation costs can also add up. These costs can include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and mental health services such as PTSD treatment and psychological therapy. Rehabilitation is crucial for recovery but can be very expensive, often not fully covered by insurance. Depending on what kind of health insurance plan you have, both mental and physical therapy can come with out-of-pocket expenses.


Calling A Riverside Car Crash Attorney


Dealing with the aftermath of a Riverside car crash can be challenging, even without hidden fees and a growing stack of bills. At Deldar Legal, we understand the financial and emotional toll that car accidents can take. ur experienced team is here to help you manage these challenges and fight for the compensation you deserve.


We offer free consultations to discuss your case and explore your options. Our goal is to help you recover not just from your physical injuries but also from the financial burdens that follow a car crash. Don’t face these challenges alone – contact us today at (844) 335-3271 and let us help you through this difficult time.

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