A five-star prison? Yelp reviews of correctional facilities address rude staffers, mistreatment.

by Robert Louis Miller on Sep. 03, 2017

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Summary: A summary of social media and criminal defense.

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The Colbert Report
The Colbert Report also noted the article about Yelp and reviews, as you can see in the clip above.

Our Attorney Robert Miller has also long been an avid believer in Web 2.0: harnessing the power of internet users to collect and share information, for the benefit of all, including real time reviews on how businesses and governmental entities are doing.  He was a Yelp Gold Elite for over seven years and has written more than 100 reviews per year on average.

Many of the Miller and Associatesss and Media Articles above were spurred by one article about our law firm that appeared in the Washington Post. The Washington Post featured Miller’s review of some of the Orange County Jails, where he has often visited with persons after Orange County DUI arrests and has written reviews regarding the procedures, the facilities, employees, and the ease of getting in and out of jails to interview people.

Using Yelp to review jails has a comical aspect to it, and people assume that prisoners are giving 1 & 1/2 star reviews to the cafeteria food and facilities.  As a result, the news media went crazy with the story.  Aside from the stories below, from the Daily Mail, the ABA Journal, the International Business Times, and the GovTech website, all of which quoted “Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert Miller“, there were hundreds of other mentions on television, radio, and publications of all types.  Robert was also interviewed on the radio Via the BBC World Service, by NPR, and had been previously featured on television in a television broadcast filmed at the Orange County Superior Court.  That clip appeared on the ABC News local affiliate, KABC Los Angeles.

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