Am I ready for my upcoming disability hearing?

by Scott F. Bocchio on Jul. 23, 2020

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Summary: Legal Rights Advocates, PLLC is one of the leading firms that have helped several people over the years to win their disability hearings thanks to the amazing SSDI attorneys.

Am I ready for my upcoming disability hearing?

Are you worried about your preparation for your upcoming Social Security disability hearing as it can be quite stressful? You should think about hiring an SSDI attorney who can help you prepare your case well. First of all, you need to know whether you qualify for social security disability benefits.

There is nothing to worry about the hearing if you have all the evidence gathered and a good SSDI lawyer to help you with the case. The hearings are nothing like a criminal trial. There is no prosecution or defense and your case will be heard by an Administrative Law Judge. After hearing your case the judge will decide whether you have an actual case or not based on testimonies, medical evidence, and the argument made by your Social Security Disability Insurance Lawyer. 



Know your case and claim: 

You need to be very accurate and familiar with your claims before the hearing so that everything goes right. You need to understand that you are filing for disability benefits because you aren't absolutely able to go back to work. For this, you would need all the medical evidence that proves your disability and the fact that it is impossible for you to work eight hours a day for five days a week. 


You will need to show the judge credibility with past work records that prove that you are dedicated to your job and it is your absolute helplessness to seek SSDI benefits

The better you are able to present the facts, testimonies from people of your old workplaces, job sheets and medical records the more the chances of the judge being convinced that your best option right now is disability benefits.


Obtain statements and records: 

As stated previously this is the most important aspect. Get opinions and statements of medical experts stating your absolute inability to work regularly. Testimonies from friends, family, and former co-workers expressing your condition are also very useful to prove your case. Make sure to present your recent medical records that suggest your condition and the reason for your inability to work. Submit all the necessary documents carefully with the help of an SSDI attorney prior to the hearing.


How to win your social security hearing?

Here are some tips to win your social security hearing:

  • Hiring an experienced and qualified social security disability insurance lawyer or attorney.

  • Appearances matter, so make sure to dress well. Appearing clean and groomed leaves a better impression.

  • Keep constant contact with your SSDI lawyer and make sure they have all the necessary things ready for your hearing.

  • Showing up to the hearing on time is very important. Don't let your disability hamper your punctuality. Prepare beforehand and make sure that you reach the hearing on time.


Get representation:

Getting represented by an experienced SSDI attorney can help you win the case easily if you have everything in place. Make sure to hire a knowledgeable lawyer. They can help you prepare your case better and organize all the required documents and evidence. They can advise you with the way you should dress and present yourself and answer a specific question and all the nitty-gritty. Doing all of it by yourself can be quite challenging and there is no need to hesitate before hiring a lawyer. 


Legal Rights Advocates, PLLC is one of the leading firms that have helped several people over the years to win their disability hearings thanks to the amazing SSDI attorneys. 

You can get valuable assistance and have a hassle-free hearing with the help of our lawyers.


If you have any kind of queries and need help, always feel free to get in touch and have someone hear you out.

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