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An Attorney Can Help You Rescind Your Timeshare Contract

by Austin Neil Aaronson on Jul. 11, 2018

Real Estate Timeshare 

Summary: Learn more about rescinding your timeshare!

An Attorney Can Help You Rescind Your Timeshare Contract


You purchased a timeshare without the aid of an attorney, so why should you need legal representation in order to cancel your contract? Prior to contacting our law firm, the majority of our clients have explored other options to rid themselves of unwanted timeshares. Perhaps by sharing those fruitless options, we can save you a great deal of frustration; as you seek to rid yourself of a burdensome timeshare contract.


Many of our clients made direct contact with their timeshare company.  Usually, they either have difficulty reaching the correct representative or are advised they don’t qualify for exit programs (if one exists!). The customer service promised is nonexistent. They encounter perpetuity clauses that even passes along their timeshare obligations to descendants. Learn more about timeshare cancellation attorney!


They look to the enormous timeshare resale market, only to discover the disastrous loss of value in their original investment. And unfortunately, some have succumbed to scam artists in the resale marketplace that require upfront deposits and ‘expenses’, promise immediate buyers and disappear with the timeshare owner’s money. Some even have made contact with unscrupulous laymen who promise “legal advice” for very costly consulting services.


In most cases, unhappy timeshare owners have outgrown their timeshare need or have found increasing maintenance fees and reservation quagmires too costly and frustrating to continue their ownership. They also have discovered the many misrepresentations offered in their initial, lengthy, pressure-filled sales presentation. Namely, they find that their promised “financial investment” was not a wise one that would appreciate. Learn more about how to get rid of your timeshare!


Fraudulent timeshare companies rely on the complexity of contract laws and ‘buyer beware’ misrepresentations to lock you in endless timeshare obligations. Many purchasers are surprised that such aggressive and fraudulent practices are even permitted by law, much less that timeshare companies are thriving and continuing their underhanded marketing tactics.


While more Attorney General's (AG) from various states are actively pursuing complaints against some of the worst timeshare offenders, the swell of illicit activity is difficult to manage within AG’s budgets and other resources. Aggrieved timeshare owners can and should report illegal business practices to law enforcement and Better Business Bureaus, but those actions still don’t achieve the end results they seek – canceling their timeshare contract.


Quite simply, we want to help you end your frustration, fear and worry. With 80 years of combined legal experience, the Aaronson Law Firm focuses on assisting timeshare owners who want and need to rescind their timeshare contract. We have a vast knowledge of the industry tactics that our clients have endured and the legal vulnerabilities those timeshare companies face.  If your in need of timeshare cancellation please contact Aaronson Law Group!


We invite you to take a few minutes to review our qualifications and the many testimonies of our satisfied clients. Then, please do give us a call for your free legal consultation to discuss your unique circumstances.



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