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Are You Living With An Addict In Metro Atlanta

by Jefferson Lee Adams on Aug. 17, 2018

 General Practice 

Summary: When there is someone in your life that is struggling with a drug addiction in metro Atlanta it can be just as stressful on you as it is on them.

When there is someone in your life that is struggling with a drug addiction in metro Atlanta it can be just as stressful on you as it is on them. You see their struggles, you can feel the weight that they carry, you can feel their internal pain but you aren't able to help them, and yet at the same time you are dealing with their never ending and always changing mood swings and other stresses that come from their imbalance both internally as well as a result of their substance abuse. 
You see, what happens when someone is a substance user and has become addicted every person in their life is placed there with purpose and specified intent. Everyone has a role to play, everyone has a job to do, and most don't even realize it.  

The roles that we take on without even realizing it when living with an addict:

  • Enabler
  • Banker
  • Caretaker
  • Nanny
  • Housekeeper
  • Maintenance Person
  • Superwoman / Superman
  • Mother / Father
  • Wife / Girlfriend / Husband / Boyfriend

The Effects of Addiction on Other Members Of A Household

Living with an addict can negatively impact the household in the following ways:
  • Financially
  • Disturbances In Peace and Calm
  • Disturbances In The Roles One Takes On
  • No Sense Of Partnership – There's no reciprocation or balance to be found.
  • Disruption to the state of calm
  • Disruption to familiar roles
  • Introducing an inability to rely on a member of the household

Tips for Living With a Drug Addict In Metro Atlanta

When living with an individual that is addicted to drugs, it is easy to become intertwined in taking care of the addict in your life that you forget about yourself. Because the reality of living with an addict is that they emulate a need for you, they have a desire to surround themselves by you but, what they have most of all is a need to be cared about and loved by you in their bad moments as well as their normal moments even when they know that you don't agree with their choices, and even when you know that in a very toxic way they are just using you for what they can get from you while and when they can receive it from you.
It's important to remember to make yourself a priority in your day to day life. It's important to find balance, and time for yourself in the midst of your day to day dealings 
These tips can help you make yourself a priority, while playing a constructive role in trying to prevent their addiction from progressing.
Don't Let Them Have Access To Your Money: 
  • Addicts are really good at manipulation. And the further into the addiction that they go what is going to happen is that addiction is going to begin to consume them if it hasn't happened already. They quit their jobs because they can't pass a drug test, they don't look for a new job because they can't pass a drug test, they request to borrow money that you will never see back claiming it is for one thing when the honest answer is that it's actually to buy more supply. The best thing to do is lock your money up and away from the addict. Don't give them cash, checks or, your card for anything. Don't give them access to supply. Don't give them access to anything. Protect your family, and yourself by denying direct access and limiting what is provided to them. Because the truth is that their addiction is their own, and it isn't your job or responsibility to provide them access to anything. They've gotten themselves into this. Make them a meal, but don't enable them with cash to buy their addiction.
  • Put Yourself First:
    When dealing with an addict it is important to remember that you need to make time for yourself and put yourself first. Dedicating your energy solely to the addict in your life does you absolutely no good. Instead of focusing on them and their problems what you need to be doing is focusing on yourself and placing yourself first. This includes your relationships, your work or career, and your outside friendships. Be you. Do you. And don't stop enjoying your own life as these are the ways to combat your own stress levels. 
  • Addiction Doesn't Warrant Sympathy:
    The reality and truth of the situation that you are in is that you don't need to have sympathy for the individual that has an addiction. You did not make their choice for them they did but, one thing that you will eventually come to realize is that their pleas for sympathy from you are no more than just fear of having their supply cut off. Supply of what you may ask? The truth is anything. Time, energy, money, food, work. Whatever, it is that they can get from you. The people that pay their way through life and supply money and resources for drugs alcohol or even food so that they can spend what they do get on drugs are only just supply and a “means to an end” for them. Don't believe me, test the addict in your life, see how they treat and talk about the people around them. You will eventually see that I am right.
  • Don't Underestimate The Effects Of The Substances That They Are Using: 
    While it is easy to not consider sometimes you need to remember that while under the influence they are subject-able to effects that you may not be aware of. Riding with them in a vehicle, becoming susceptible to their rage, and mood swings caused from the up and downs of the substance, and then detox period can be quite stressful. It is important to remember that the person that is in your life is a completely different person when under the influence and can cause you harm if you are not responsible about your choices. Therefore, when proposed the question of going somewhere with them or remaining at home your answer for your own protection when they are under the influence is to remain at home. Secondly, the mood swings often trigger bouts of depression, suicidal thoughts, anger, rage, and uproar. Don't underestimate what your loved one is capable of doing in those situations and if at all possible get another trusted adult to remove any children that may be present in the home in order to ensure their safety. If verbal abuse begins be prepared for it to turn physical very quickly. The addicts choose their friends wisely, and clan together often. While many appear to be loners the need for interaction and acceptance brings them to a place of associating with other users therefore, it is important to be aware that users often feel the need to protect themselves, and have the potential to do harm if they feel that they themselves are being threatened or that another is posing a threat whether it is a warranted / justifiable threat or not.   

Support For Addicts Spouses And Families In Metro Atlanta

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