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by Armando Edmiston on Dec. 06, 2016

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Summary: There are many factors contributing to car accidents. Accidents not only include the person who was careless, but also the innocent person who was hit or injured by the careless driver.

In many cases the party which is at fault does not even contact you. Everyone wants to save himself from fines and punishments given by the law. Sometimes the at fault party may hire an attorney and if you do not have an attorney, the case may go against you. Moreover if you were involved in a serious accident, you should contact a good lawyer immediately.

To be compensated by either an insurance company or a court award, negligence must be proven. Negligence is a legal term that means someone has failed to act in a reasonably careful and responsible manner. In the case of a car crash, negligence is found in facts derived from the police report, eyewitness testimony, expert witness testimony, photographs and sketches of the crash scene. To prove negligence of the other party, the evidence must prove that the accident took place because of the carelessness of the other party. Additionally, it must be proven that the accident was responsible for the harm done. The careless party will be responsible for compensation for the harm caused by the accident. The innocent party will receive compensation for the harm done.

Receiving compensation includes :

·        Repairing of the damaged property.

·        Medical bills and expenses to be paid.

·        Payment of the lost income.

·        Physical and Psychological pain

·        Payment of the lost prospects by the negligent party.

 Sometimes there are minor injuries which can haunt you later in life like neck injuries and in these cases the insurance claims get complicated and an attorney is certainly needed to provide justice. In most of the cases, people are unaware of the proceedings and are unable to get the deserving amount either from the insurance company or the other party. Hiring an auto accident attorney is of utmost importance. An attorney can definitely lead to more profit. The amount of pain and suffering awarded is determined by evaluating:

·        How much pain the injury has caused you

·        How long that pain will last

·        How severe your injury is

There is no exact science to determining pain and settlement since it is a subjective thing. To determine an estimate of how much you might expect to receive, you can look back at past cases where people have suffered similar injuries. You should also strongly consider speaking with an experienced attorney for help. The purpose of pain and suffering damages is to attempt to provide you with compensation for all of the physical pain you went through. It is separate from emotional distress, which is an additional type of damages, and is also separate from damages for medical bills and lost wages.

Auto accidents may also occur due to vehicle breakdown. If you suspect equipment failure or a manufacturing defect contributed to the accident, be sure to retain the possession of your car so that it can be used as evidence in the trial.

You may need an auto accident attorney when you injured and making a claim against the no-fault insurance. You may need an attorney when the insurance company is not accepting a claim or in case the other party does not have insurance and is not willing to pay the claim for your harms. A lawyer advises people completely and informs them of their rights or responsibilities when involved in an accident.

Most people are worried about the expenses of an attorney. The cost of an attorney can vary substantially. Some cases are more costly to handle than others. An attorney representing you for a simple parking ticket will not cost the same as an attorney representing you for a felony charge. It is a wrong belief that the best lawyers charge the most. On the same line of thinking, it unlikely you will find a great attorney who is offering the lowest rate around.

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