California Penal Code Section 653 K

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Summary: Carrying a Switch Blade is as its name suggests, the transport of a switch blade on an individual.

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Carrying a Switch Blade  under California Penal Code Section 653 K, is a criminal offense and it is normally filed as a misdemeanor. Carrying a Switch Blade  is as its name suggests, the transport of a switch blade on an individual.

Definition of a Switch Blade:

·         A knife whose blade measures over 2” long

·         A knife that mechanically has the ability to be flicker open

Elements of the Crime

In order to take a Carrying a Switch Blade  CPC 653 K case to trial, certain elements of the crime will have to be proven. This includes:

·         That the defendant transported a switch blade in a vehicle, in the passenger’s or driver’s side

·         That the defendant made the switch blade visible

·         That the defendant produced, sold or offered for sale any kind or any amount of switch blade with someone else

Punishments for CPC 653 K

These penalties are to be determined by a judge and he/she will make a decision based on the circumstances surrounding the case. When found guilty of Carrying a Switch Blade , it is usually filed as a misdemeanor, which is punishable by up to one thousand dollars in fines.

Legal Defenses for California Penal Code 653 K

A good lawyer can present many legal and valid defenses for Carrying a Switch Blade  charges under California Penal Code 653 K to prove someone’s innocence. MacGregor and Collins is based in Orange County, California, and has successfully defended  those who were falsely accused of Carrying a Switch Blade . Call (949) 250-6097 to speak to a lawyer, should you be on trial for Carrying a Switch Blade .

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