Carrying Concealed Weapon in Kentucky

by Michael William Bouldin on Apr. 02, 2021

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Summary: Criminal defense attorney Michael Bouldin discusses various firearm and gun violations in Kentucky.

While Kentucky has abolished the majority of CCW charges throughout the state, now allowing for open carry, there are still criminal charges which may apply to any individual case. As USCCA critical response team for many years, I strive to keep public abreast with current gun laws throughout the state.

  1. Possession of Firearm by a Felon. KRS 527.040  If you have a prior felony conviction, possession of a firearm is a class D felony and if the firearm is a handgun, it is a class C felony.  Additionally, if applicable,  you can be charged with a PFO (Persistent Felony Offender) which can increase your sentence and incarceration.
  2. Remember; gun + drugs = crime. Possession of Firearm together with Controlled Substance. KRS 218A.992 provides for enhancement of penalty when in possession of a firearm at the time of commission of offense.
    (1) Other provisions of law notwithstanding, any person who is convicted of any
    violation of this chapter who, at the time of the commission of the offense and in
    furtherance of the offense, was in possession of a firearm, shall:
    (a) Be penalized one (1) class more severely than provided in the penalty
    provision pertaining to that offense if it is a felony; or
    (b) Be penalized as a Class D felon if the offense would otherwise be a
  3. KRS 527.100 makes possession of a handgun by a minor a Class A misdemeanor. Many exceptions apply, specifically if taking a firearm course, target practicing hunting with a license, or on private property with permission of parent and land owner.
  4. Other charges exist include: possession of firearm on school property, possession of defaced firearm, possession of weapon of mass destruction and use of illegal ammunition. Most firearm offenses in Kentucky are located in KRS 527.

If you have been charged with any firearm violation, you should hire an attorney to protect your rights.  For consultation and representation in Northern Kentucky, contact Michael Bouldin by filling out CONTACT FORM, or call 859-581-6452 (581-MIKE) or email

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