Limits on Free Transferability of Interests in Maryland Entities (2005)

by Daniel S. Willard on Mar. 04, 2016

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Summary: Comparison of Maryland entities regarding the assignability of ownership interests. There is more recent law.

Partnerships, LLCs and LLPs in Maryland:

Organization and Operation








       Permitted, adjusted under default rule


§ 4A-603.

(a)      Unless otherwise provided in the operating agreement, an interest in a limited liability company is assignable in whole or in part.

      (b)      An assignment of an interest in a limited liability company does not:

            (1)      Dissolve the limited liability company; or

(2)      Unless the operating agreement provides otherwise, entitle the assignee to:

                  (i)      Become a member; or

        (ii)      Exercise any rights of a member.


(c)      Unless otherwise provided in the operating agreement, an assignment entitles the assignee to receive, to the extent assigned, only the distributions to which the assignor would be entitled.


§ 4A-402. (a)      Except for the requirement set forth in § 4A-404 of this subtitle that certain consents be in writing, members may enter into an operating agreement to regulate or establish any aspect of the affairs of the limited liability company or the relations of its members, including provisions establishing:

(3)      The rights of the members to assign all or a portion of their interests in the limited liability company;



Due to “check the box” IRS rules, “corporate” characteristics are no longer a problem.

Previously, needed to avoid 2 of the 4 checklist items used by the I.R.S. to evaluate whether an entity was a separate “person” for purposes of double taxation.







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