Co-Parenting Has Many Benefits

by Scott F. Bocchio on Aug. 06, 2020

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Summary: Co-parenting, otherwise known as having both parents play an active role in their children’s daily lives, is by far the best way to ensure that all your children’s’ needs are met

Co-Parenting Has Many Benefits


Co-parenting, otherwise known as having both parents play an active role in their children’s daily lives, is by far the best way to ensure that all your children’s’ needs are met. It also provides them with the ability to retain close relationships with both parents. Research suggests that the quality of the relationship between co-parents can also have a strong influence on the mental and emotional well being of children, while significantly reducing the occurrence of both anxiety and depression. That being stated, putting aside relationship issues, particularly after a bitter split, in order to co-parent agreeably is sometimes easier said than done. 


Joint custody arrangements MA can be exhausting, infuriating, and fraught with stress to say the least. This holds especially true if you have a contentious relationship with your ex-partner. You may feel concerned about your ex’s parenting abilities, stressed out about child support or other financially based situations, and feel worn down by conflict. You may also believe that you will never be able to overcome all the resentments in your relationship with your ex. Making shared decisions, interacting with each another at drop-offs, or just plain speaking to a person who you would rather forget all about can seem like an impossible task. 


For the sake of your child or children’s well being, it is possible for you to overcome co-parenting challenges. It is also possible to develop a cordial working relationship with your ex-spouse. The bottom line is that you need to make co-parenting work in order to help your children thrive. One of the keys to successful co-parenting is to separate the personal relationship with your ex-spouse from the specific co-parenting relationship. It may be helpful to start thinking about your relationship with your ex-spouse as a brand new one that is completely based on the well being of your children. For example, the co-parenting relationship is 100% not about either of you. 


Your marriage may be over, however your family is not. That means acting in your children’s best interest is your most important objective. The first step to being a mature, responsible co-parent is to always put the needs of your children ahead of your own needs.  When you can do that, it will benefit your children. Throughout your entire co-parenting partnership, your children should recognize that they are far more important than the conflict that ended your marriage. That way they will understand that your love for them will prevail despite the changing circumstances. 


Children whose divorced parents have a good working co-parenting relationship typically feel secure. In essence, when confident of the love of both parents, children adjust more rapidly and easily to both the divorce, and the new living situation. They will also have far more self-esteem, and have a better understanding of problem solving. In essence, you need to provide your children with a healthy example to follow. 


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