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by Christopher Hoffmann on Nov. 29, 2017

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Summary: Although all auto accidents can be serious, in cases where there are trucks involved, things tend to be a bit more severe.

The unique dangers inherent in trucking accidents usually lead to very serious injuries and damages. In most cases, the causes of trucking accidents in Missouri - and elsewhere - are often avoidable and predictable. As a result of the combination of both truck drivers’ and automobile drivers’ actions, these are the most common reasons why trucking accidents happen:


  • People driving in “no-zones.” There are specific areas behind and around trucks where truck drivers are blind to other automobiles in their field of vision. When a car drives in those no-zones, it is more likely that an accident will happen because trucks simply can’t see the car.

  • When cars make sudden lane changes in front of trucks. Because trucks take a lot longer to stop, when cars pull out in front of them or make quick lane changes, it is difficult for a trucker to stop in time to avoid an accident.

  • When a car is maneuvering in front of a truck that is making a right turn. Since trucks need a larger  turning radius, cars need to be more careful when they are making a right turn near a truck.

  • Automobile drivers often misjudge the speed of trucks that are entering an intersection, and when they make a left turn in front of them, automobile drivers don’t have the necessary time to fully make the turn without getting hit.

  • When a car is merging onto the highway it is not uncommon for them to underestimate the speed of the truck. Sometimes this results in truck drivers slamming on their brakes too quickly and causing an accident if someone is following too closely behind them.

  • Automobile drivers sometimes fail to either speed up or to slow down when a truck is either braking or merging into the lane. If they don’t do so, that can lead to a serious accident.

  • Drivers who are impatient on highways and want to get ahead of trucks often make risky moves to get around truckers, which can put everyone at risk.

  • When they do pass trucks, not many drivers make accommodations for air turbulence or the crosswind that knocks a car off-course.

  • Driving between trucks can put vehicles at serious risk. If anyone needs to brake suddenly, the car is stuck in the middle, and the results can be disastrous.

  • Car drivers don’t always estimate correctly when moving their car from the highway when it breaks down or there is an accident and can leave their car sticking out, creating a hazard for a trucker who is passing by.


Trucking accidents are typically more severe than other types of auto accidents. Due to the heavy load and in some cases hazardous materials that trucks carry, the best way to prevent a trucking accident is to give truckers plenty of room and realize that even if you see them, that doesn’t mean that they see you. Regardless who is at fault, if you are involved in a trucking accident in St. Louis, it is best to get the advice of a St. Louis auto accident attorney to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your damages and injuries.



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