Dangerous Highways in Orange County - Steer Clear To Help Avoid Injuries

by Randy Collins on Jan. 13, 2017

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Summary: Orange County has so far experienced an upsetting number of accident related fatalities. In 2012 alone, a total of 20,225 victims received injuries while others lost their lives.

Orange County has so far experienced an upsetting number of accident related fatalities. In 2012 alone, a total of 20,225 victims received injuries while others lost their lives. 2,046 of the accidents involved alcohol, 927 were motorcycle related, 911 were pedestrian while 1, 461 were bicycle fatalities. The rest of the accidents involved trucks and vehicles. Alarmingly, contrary to popular belief, only a small number of accidents occur on state and interstate freeways and highways. Unfortunately, however, a great many individuals encounter deadly accidents on surface streets. Surface street accidents mainly occur as a result of distractions while driving, speeding, inebriation, falling asleep at the wheel and in some cases, road rage.  

Here is a list of dangerous highways and intersections in Orange County where you are most likely to experience fatal accidents and injuries:  

Santiago Canyon Road

Santiago Canyon Road is also referred to as ‘the road of death’ and according to the Orange County Register the intersection where Santiago Road crosses Jamboree Road and turns into Chapman Avenue is the most dangerous area.

The Ortega Highway

The Ortega Highway is also commonly known as State Route 74 and is particularly dangerous for motorcyclists. The highway is serene and has a beautiful landscape, which explains why it is popular among cyclists.

Laguna Canyon Road

Laguna Road has racked up a reputation as one of Orange County most hazardous highways. The largest number of fatalities is experienced very early in the morning.  Conversely, drivers under the influence of alcohol often cause grave accidents along this road.

  • Other dangerous intersections include:
  • Bristol Street at Campus Drive in Newport Beach
  • 7th Street at Fairview Street in Santa Ana
  • Bristol Street at McFadden Avenue in Santa Ana
  • Chapman Avenue at Gilbert Street in Garden Grove
  • El Toro Road at Montcliff Drive in Lake Forest
  • Olympiad Road at Alicia Parkway in Mission Viejo
  • Jeffrey Road at Irvine Center Drive in Irvine
  • Intersections at MacArthur Boulevard at San Joaquin Hills Road.
  • Newport, and 19th.
  • Newport and Broadway.
  • Harbor Boulevard at Adams Avenue.
  • San Miguel Drive at Avocado Avenue.
  • Harbor Boulevard at Adams Avenue.
  • Victoria Street and Valley Road.
  • Jamboree Road at Bristol Street.
  • Newport Center Drive on Civic Center Drive.

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