Did You Suffer Losses in FS Energy and Power Fund (FSEP)?

by Lars Kristian Soreide on Oct. 26, 2016

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Summary: Many investors have suffered losses in FS Energy and Power Fund (FSEP) due to the recommendation of their brokers or financial advisors.

If your broker or financial advisor recommended the FS Energy and Power Fund (FSEP) by Integrity Wealth Management, Newport Beach, California and you suffered investment losses, please call Soreide Law Group at 888-760-6552.   

FSEP focuses primarily on investing in the debt and equity securities of privately held U.S. companies in the energy and power industry. FSEP's investment objective is to generate current income and long-term capital appreciation. FSEP is a non-traded business development company, also known as a BCD. Franklin Square Capital Partners, the largest manager of business development companies, announced its energy-focused BDC, FS Energy & Power Fund (FSEP), tried to raise $900 million in additional shares through a follow-on offering. Its two previously registered offerings totaled over $3 billion.

FS Energy & Power Fund began in 2011, with a high yielding guaranteed monthly distribution, but because of the dropping prices of gas, investors have lost their money.

BDCs may not suitable for investors with a conservative portfolio because they can be extremely risky. With dozens of oil and gas companies filing for bankruptcy, oil and gas stocks are at a dismal low.

An investment in FSEP could involve a high degree of risk and may be considered speculative.  We advise investors to consider their investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses of FSEP carefully before investing their money.  Brokers and financial advisors must make clear to investors these risks and careful consideration should be made of all the information regarding this product before investing.

If your broker or financial advisor recommended a high-concentration of the very risky fund, FSEP, call Soreide Law Group and speak to a lawyer at no-cost regarding the possible recovery of your investment losses at:  888-760-6552.  Or you may visit our website at:  https://www.securitieslawyer.com.

We have represented many investors nationwide before FINRA who suffered devastating losses due to their energy related investments. Soreide Law Group operates on a contingency fee.

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