Do Speed Limiters Prevent Truck Accidents?

by Frank Hartman on Sep. 15, 2015

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Summary: In an effort to control the speed of their drivers, many commercial trucking companies have begun installing devices in their trucks that limit the truck to a certain maximum speed.

In an effort to control the speed of their drivers, many commercial trucking companies have begun installing devices in their trucks that limit the truck to a certain maximum speed. These devices are generally installed in the name of safety—assuming that if truck drivers cannot travel at excessive speeds, the risk of collisions will be reduced. A rule mandating speed limiters—also known as speed governors—on certain trucks is expected to soon be finalized and issued by the Department of Transportation (DOT)1 and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).2 The expected speed limit for these devices is 65 miles per hour.


However, the debate on speed limiters is ongoing in the trucking industry, as some drivers and experts fear that these devices do not decrease accidents and may even increase risks under certain circumstances. Anyone who has been involved in a collision with a commercial truck should contact an experienced Charleston, South Carolina truck accident attorney to discuss a potential case.


Concerns about speed limiters

Many truck drivers believe that limiting a truck to 65 miles per hour under any circumstances is dangerous. Many highways across the country have speed limits well above 65 and truck drivers worry that mandating they drive slower than the natural flow of traffic will actually lead to additional collisions.


In addition, there are companies that offer devices that allow truck drivers to secretly disable speed limiters so that they may travel as fast as they want. These devices, however, also “trick” the data recorders in the trucks into thinking they were actually traveling 65 or below, so it would be difficult to identify whether a driver was, in fact, speeding at the time of a collision. Such devices can actually encourage dangerous speeding in truck drivers and make it more difficult for accident victims to prove negligence. We will be watching to see if the mandate is issued and what measures may be taken to limit disabling devices on trucks.


Discuss your situation with a skilled Charleston, SC truck accident lawyer

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