Do You Have Automobile Insurance Coverage Against Accidents?

by Christopher Hoffmann on Jun. 25, 2014

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Summary: Numerous coverage levels are available for anyone who wants to purchase an automobile insurance, but each state has its own set of guidelines.

Although the minimum requirements are determined by each state, it is essential to be aware that the minimum may not be enough to provide the necessary protection when drivers are involved in an accident.

The Fundamentals of Liability Insurance

Drivers are obligated to obtain liability insurance in almost every state, which requires insurance to cover damages and costs associated with personal injuries resulting from an accident. These insurance policies have restrictions determined by the minimum limits in each state. Legal representation may also be offered in these insurance policies, which may also include injury coverage for the paury.comyment of health-related expenses. On the other hand, property damage coverage will deal with any damage to property. Some policies will also cover wages lost due to accidents. Almost all states have a minimum coverage that is provided by the insurance department of the state.

Collision Insurance for Damage Sustained By Vehicles

Collision coverage normally covers damage sustained by a vehicle without taking into account which party caused the accident. The damage is evaluated by the insurance company, which will determine whether to repair the vehicle or treat it as a total loss. The reimbursement may come from the insurance of the other party involved in the accident. The actual cash value will be given to the driver, which means it will take depreciation into consideration. This is contrary to the belief of some people that the replacement is based on the cost of the vehicle without including depreciation. Due to the high cost of collision coverage, a higher deductible can be selected since it will reduce the overall premium.

Covering Other Losses Through a Comprehensive Insurance

Losses due to other causes outside of accidents can be covered through a comprehensive coverage. In addition, a comprehensive insurance is limited to the Kelly Blue Book value or actual car value. This makes it important to determine the value of the vehicle to ensure that it is cost-effective to get a comprehensive automobile insurance coverage.

Personal Injury Protection, No Fault and Medical Coverage

Medical coverage covers all medical expenses resulting from an accident. This is a personal coverage policy and does not take into account who was at fault and who was driving. It may also cover injuries sustained by pedestrians. However, if the person receives payments from other sources, the insurance company is entitled to a reimbursement.

Medical expenses resulting from automobile accidents are also covered by a health insurance. Although no -fault and PIP coverage may be considered redundant; it is still required by a number of states.

Underinsured or Uninsured Coverage

People can be covered by an underinsured or uninsured coverage policy when they are involved in an accident where the driver has no insurance or is limited to the state minimum. This policy will cover injuries that may not be covered by the insurance of the underinsured or uninsured driver. This is required by some states while others do not require it.

Umbrella or Supplemental Insurance Policy

Supplemental insurance or umbrella policies cover everything else not covered by the insurance. This coverage includes other expenses like rental, towing and similar expenses not covered by the main automobile insurance policy. Each state will determine whether it will be offered by an insurance company.

In event of a car accident, it may not be easy to deal with insurance companies. It is best to speak with an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney to understand your legal options for recovering compensation.

To speak with a reputable car accident lawyer at The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. call (314) 361-4242. Your initial consultation is always free and we work on a contingency basis, meaning we only get paid if you get compensated.

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