Do you want to wipe out all of your bills and keep everything that you own? To get a fresh start, debt free?

by Bradley Baum on May. 29, 2019

Bankruptcy & Debt Bankruptcy 

Summary: The legal way to wipe away all of your bills and keep everything that you have. It is possible to start over debt free. It is possible to wipe out your credit card bills and medical bills.

Bankruptcy Court in the Northern District of Illinois used to be on the 33rd Floor. The following is the speech that attorney Brad Baum tells his clients after leaving the final meeting with the Court. "When I first met you, you had a lot of debt on your shoulders. Today, right now, as we descend down the elevator, I want you to feel that debt floating off of your shoulders. Feel it. Floating off of you...floating off of your shoulders...into the thin air...That debt, your debt, all of it...all of the credit card debt, each one, all of the medical bills, each one, all of the miscelaneous bills for things you don't even remember buying or going to, all of it...floating away....This whole mess of a pile of debt will vanish into thin air. Stay here on the 33rd floor. Now, we are on the 32nd floor, now 31st floor, 30th floor... the debt is above you. The debt is not coming with you. When we finally reach the first floor...YOU   WILL    BE    DEBT    FREE  !     Hear that? Feel that?  Your shoulders will be stres free, less heavy, less burdened. Your life will be better, easier. You still have all of your property and belongings. 1st floor. Congratulations you made it ! Congratulations. your debt is still up there on the 33rd floor. It did not come down here with you. It is up there and floating away...vanishing into thin air. Congratulations, you are debt free. Now go walk out that front door of the court and start over, fresh, debt free"

    There are guidelines and limitations regarding Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. The law offices of Bradley Scott Baum offers a FREE consultation to help you with the process. Please call 847-409-9629 for a free consultation to see if you can wipe out all your bills and start over debt free. This law firm is a debt relief agency helping people file for bankruptcy under the bankruptcy code

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