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by Julio Cesar Marrero on Jul. 10, 2018


Summary: When looking for an estate attorney, Miami and Coral Gables residents trust Miami Attorney Julio Cesar Marrero and Associates for the best legal representation To learn more about estate planning in Coral Gables or Miami Florida, contact us for a Free Case Review Today!

When looking for an estate planning attorney, Coral Gables & Miami residents trust the experience of Attorney Julio Cesar Marrero and associates who have assisted clients in South Florida for over 30 years. Estate Planning is not something that many people think of during their lifetime. In fact, many people put off talking about what will happen when the inevitable occurs. This very important topic can help resolve many legal issues that people face after the death of a loved one or in situations where the condition of a persons health has impaired their ability to make decisions or take action for themselves. The Wall Street Journal once reported that there are billions of dollars in unclaimed money and property of people who did not leave a will. If people continue to ignore this topic, their assets will likely join.

Some of the benefits to Estate Planning are the legal documents that assist in helping to guide someone on how to manage a persons wishes in the event they are unable to do so on their own. Many people are under the wrong misconception that they can appoint someone through a power of Attorney to manage their money or property but don't know that it actually becomes invalid and of no further effect upon their death. A Will on the other hand, is meant to be valid even after a person has past away. But a Will should really only be prepared by an experienced professional Estate Planning Attorney. A poorly drafted Will is usually the main reason why heated arguments and litigation occur between heirs over claims to property or assets involving the estate their deceased loved one(s).

There are also certain legal documents which allow for someone's money or property to be automatically transferred upon their death. However, anyone considering this alternative approach should also seek the assistance of a trusted lawyer who knows the applicable laws and can accurately prepare these documents according to your wishes. Generally, an incorrect legal document can do more harm than good or have no effect at all. More importantly, the reason someone should always consult an experienced estate planning attorney for these matters is that there are many cases involving individuals who lost property or rights to certain assets by seeking the help of individuals who intentionally helped prepare their legal documents with the intent to defraud them. Sadly, over the past 30 years of his professional career, Julio Cesar Marrero has seen many cases where fraudulent conveyances/transfers of real estate title, fraudulent wills or a power of attorney resulted in the loss of their money and/ore real estate property.

When it comes to some ones hard earned assets,  its important to always protect them. That's why estate planning is so important to assure that your wishes are followed after your death or in the event of any disability. To learn more about estate planning in Coral Gables or Miami Florida, contact us for a Free Case Review by our experienced Estate Planning Lawyer Today!                        

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