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2019 Medicare Advantage Plans Incorporate Long Term Care, Aging in Place Benefits

Medicare Advantage Plans are cautiously incorporating benefits that aid in Aging in Place planning

5 Steps To Help You Transition Control of a Parent’s Finances

I am called upon frequently to assist my clients with overseeing a parent’s finances as the parent grows older.

A Family Estate Plan – A Wonderful Resolution for the New Year!

Finally, you have decided to tackle one of the most important family matters – your Estate Plan. This blog will review the three basic estate planning documents:

What Does a Financial Planner Need to Know About Estate Planning?

In our practice, we talk and work with numerous financial advisors. When an advisor speaks with us, he or she generally knows about estate planning – it’s just the nature of the business.

3 Concepts That You Need to Know When Setting Up an Estate Plan Trust

Trusts are one of the cornerstones of Estate Planning. Trusts are a very flexible concept with multiple uses which are developed and tailored to each family and their respective needs.

Medicaid Planning – Saving a Legacy

Medicaid Planning is, in part, an effort to preserve a financial legacy for children despite the fact that a parent is about to experience the potential devastating financial costs of growing old.


This article focuses on the priority of creditors during a probate proceeding.

Medicaid Eligibility and the Florida Lady Bird Deed

This article focuses on Lady Bird Deeds and if they affect medicaid eligibility.

Asset Protection By Design

Most of the time people believe that their estate is all “set-up,” even though most of the time it is not. It’s just the process of having gone to an attorney for a plan, like the couple above. Much of the failure of estate planning is the misunderstanding of consequences. Often, a legal hearing is required to take control over family member’s financial and medical decisions when planning is no longer possible. Probate is the court procedure that interprets the Last Will and Testament or follows the rules of asset transfers when the documents aren’t available. Probate could easily be avoided through proper estate planning. The following documents are covered under the definition of basic estate planning. 1. Power of Attorney; this is the document that provides authority to enable others to make financial decisions for the benefit of the one who set-up the Power of Attorney. 2. Health Care Surrogate; This is the document that provides authority to a trusted party to make health care decisions for the benefit of the grantor if and when unable to make such decisions. 3. Living Will; This is the document that provides authority to enable a trusted party to make end-of-life decisions. 4. Revocable (Living) Trust; this is a document that control’s how assets are to be handled during one’s lifetime and after death. The trust-maker has the ability to make changes during one’s life. 5. Last Will and Testament. This is the document that handles assets at death and assets that are not properly funded by the trust through the court process called probate.

Protect your family

Prepare a will or trust AND financial and medical powers to protect your family in the event of your disability or death. We can help.

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